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Industrial-grade MODBUS RS485 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This S-TH-01 module provides industrial-grade sensing and compact air temperature and humidity sensing into one small size sensor. It provides the following features, long working expectations, multiple installation circumstances, and high accuracy data collection. 

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This S-TH-01 module provides industrial-grade sensing and compact air temperature and humidity sensing in one small-size sensor.

Note: There are 2 types of Industrial-grade MODBUS RS485 Temperature and Humidity Sensor. The main difference is in the cable connector. Please choose the version that best suits your needs.

(1) Version A: with hook-up wires. It can be used with the SenseCAP LoRaWAN® Data Logger to easily connect with the local LoRaWAN® network, enjoying the benefits of low-power and long-range communication.
(2) Version B: with a waterproof aviation connector. This version saves you time in deployment as you won't have to use screws to connect the cable to the data logger. And it can be used with SenseCAP Sensor Hub 4G Data Logger instantly with ease.


  • High Accuracy: Provides high-accuracy measurement data with ±3%RH in humidity and ±0.3℃ in temperature
  • 2-in-1 Sensor: Measures temperature and humidity simultaneously in 1 single sensor
  • Standard Signal Output: Supports RS485 output and Modbus-RTU Protocol
  • User-friendly: Offers multiple installations methods or different working expectations
  • Industrial-level Design: Designed with industry standards to provide high reliability and great performance


Temperature and humidity of the environment can directly affect the thermoregulation and heat conduction of the human body. The somatosensory of the human body can reflect on the level of mental status and agility of conceptual activities. According to experimental analytics, the most comfortable indoor temperature will be 18 degrees and humidity would be 40%-60%. There will be specific standards for temperature and humidity with different locations and usage. Therefore, reasonable humidity and temperature controls become necessary.

This S-TH-01 is a module compacted with air temperature and humidity sensing into one sensor. This sensor contains an extremely high accuracy data collection process by a complex algorithm, this character demonstrates the low possibility of failed data collection. Also, the high-level tolerance for working conditions and low cost of power provide a solution with long working expectations and saving of human resources. With the multiple installation methods, sensors provide a relative variety of ways of installing the sensor for different working expectations.

Recommendation for S2100 Data Logger

SenseCAP S2100 data logger can collect data from multiple sensors and transfer the data through the LoRaWAN network. It allows you to convert those sensors that are not LoRa-powered into LoRa-powered sensors, and therefore transfer data through LoRaWAN. You can easily enjoy the advantages of LoRaWAN technology such as low power consumption and long transmission range, without affording the cost of changing the sensors you are using.

It can connect with those sensors that support Analog/I2C/UART/RS485 to convert them into standard LoRa-based sensors. Designed with industry standards and IP66 rated, S2100 Data Logger is suitable for outdoor and harsh environments, resistant to UV, rain, dust, etc.


  • Smart City
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Other Sensor Applications



Signal Output

RS485 Modbus Protocol

Power supply


Current Consumption

[email protected] DC

Humidity Measurement Range

0-100%RH, Resolution 0.01% Accuracy: ±3%RH

Temperature Measurement Range

-40~80, Resolution: 0.01, Accuracy±0.3

IP Rating


Operating Temperature


Installation Methods

Wall-mounted Installation and Tube installation

Cable Length


Connection Methods

Aviation connector and Hook-up wire

Part list

Equipment Number
1 Tube Installation Equipment 1
2 Wall-mounted Installation Equipment 1
3 Plastic Screw 2
4 Metal Screw 2


HSCODE 9025800090
USHSCODE 9026104000
EUHSCODE 9013101000
RoHS 1



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