Top Honeymoon Destinations – Cancun, Mexico


For an outstanding honeymoon, Cancun, Mexico is tough to beat. There is an excitement in the air in Cancun that is unmatched by other honeymoon destinations; it offers a diversity of easily accessible experiences so that you and your new spouse can make beautiful memories together. For breathtaking excitement and a completely new experience, Cancun is a great honeymoon option any time of the year.

1. Honeymooner’s Heaven

Outstanding activities are around every corner on your honeymoon in Cancun. There’s so much to see and do that you can’t see and do it all in one trip (this is a great excuse for returning on anniversary trips!). The area is steeped in culture and history and proudly boasts huge nature preserves and ecological reserve areas. If shopping or sports is more your speed, those are available in abundance, too. You can choose how to spend your day according to your mood, but be sure to take some time to bask on the beautiful beaches.

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2. Things To Do In Cancun

You’ll be making great memories by spending your honeymoon Cancun-style, especially considering all the different things that are available for your enjoyment and edification.

  • SCUBA and Snorkeling – Gorgeously clear aquamarine waters and huge coral reefs combine to make Cancun an excellent place for learning to snorkel or SCUBA dive.
  • Submarine or Glass-Bottomed Boat Rides – If you want to see all the exotic marine life but don’t fancy the idea of getting wet, you can take a ride in a submarine or glass-bottomed boat for a great view into the secret beauty of the ocean.
  • Archaeology – Cancun is the heart of the land controlled by the Maya civilization during its heyday. Ruins of their great civilization are scattered all around Cancun, including pyramids at Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza.
  • Night Life – If you’re into disco dancing and partying ‘til dawn, give Cancun’s party district a whirl. Clever and creative shows, music and Cancun’s famous clubs, guarantee you won’t be bored!
  • Nature and Wildlife – Cancun’s nature preserves and ecological reserve areas offer the opportunity to visit a variety of biospheres; your options include swimming with dolphins and feeding sharks while hanging out in the water with them in a shark-proof cage, as well as riding through the canals on a boat to see local wildlife and natural environments.
  • Shopping – Cancun offers a large array of shopping venues, including enormous, modern malls, open markets (Ki Huic and Mercado Ventiocho, to name a few) in the downtown area, and duty-free shops in the airport. If you visit the open air markets, remember that haggling for the lowest price is half of the experience!

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The right best honeymoon destinations, Cancun or not, will make your experience much better, so make sure when you’re planning that you find exactly the right place for you two to begin making the memories of your new life together.