15 The Most Popular Bachelor Party Games For 2023

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Planning a bachelor party and looking for some fun and exciting bachelor party games?

Party games are one way to keep the party going, no matter what the crowd. Whether you are planning a night out for a drinking crowd or a low-key event, there are dozens of entertaining party games to keep the party going.

As the best man, it is the duty of yourself and the groomsmen to plan the bachelor party. This is an evening to honor the bachelor’s last days as a single man. Planning the bachelor party does not fall under the tasks for the groom, therefore, it should be a surprise.

If you are looking for games and other bachelor party ideas, you have come to the right place. Following is a selection of some of the most popular games for the perfect bachelor party for any crowd.


Bachelor Party Drinking Games

If you have more of a wild crowd, you will want to plan some bachelor party drinking games. Remember to stick with the wishes of the groom. If he is a drinker and approves of drinking games, then you have to go-ahead to include alcohol and drinking games in the bachelor party plans.

Following are some suggestions of the most popular drinking games for bachelor parties.

Drunken Jenga


Everyone has most certainly played Jenga before, if not Drunken Jenga. All you need is the Jenga board game consisting of wooden blocks. And alcohol, of course!

You can play in teams or groups of 2-4 people. Or if you have a rather large group of people you can have more than one game going on at the same time, provided you have multiple Jenga games.

You would build the Jenga tower as you would normally do when playing this timeless classic board game. Then each player would take a turn to remove one of the wooden blocks and replacing it on top without knocking down the tower. If the tower falls, the person who removed the block that knocks it over is the “loser.”

In Drunken Jenga, the “loser” gets to drink the “trash can punch.” Basically, you put out a large glass and everyone in the party adds a shot or two of their beverage to the “communal” glass. You might end up with an interesting combination of Jack Daniels, beer and vodka! The “loser” of each round will then have to chug the entire glass of “trash can punch.”.

Shot Roulette


All you need for this drinking game is a roulette wheel and multiple shot glasses. You would fill each shot glass with a different type of booze (ie: whiskey, rum, gin and so forth). You then place the shot glasses on the roulette wheel. Each guest at the bachelor party will then pick a number. If the roulette wheel lands on their number they must drink the shot that corresponds with that number.

Loaded Kings


For this popular drinking game, you will need the deck of cards with the same name. And lots and lots of booze! Similar to the rules for Drunken Jenga, every player will pour some of their drink into a glass located in the center of the table.

You would then follow the directions per each card drawn. For example

  1. King: pour your drink into the drink in the center
  2. Heaven: everyone points to the sky, last person to do so drinks
  3. Mate: Choose a person with whom to do a shot. (and so forth)
  4. 4th King drawn: Player must drink the center drink thus ending the round.

If the weather cooperates you can also play outdoor bachelor party games such as cornhole or pub golf.

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Bar Hopping Games

Bar hopping, or a pub crawl, is a classic way to celebrate a bachelor party. You can travel to each bar as a group, or break into teams. Remember not to do anything illegal (unless you have bail money) and to drink responsibly, so no one ends up injured.

Drunken Scavenger Hunt


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Scavenger Hunts are always a popular game for both bachelor and bachelorette parties. And a pub crawl makes them even more fun. You would break into teams for anywhere from 2-6 people. Each team would have to find the items listed on the scavenger hunt. Or perform a task included in the hunt. Some examples are as follows:

  1. See which group can get the most women’s phone numbers.
  2. Collect souvenirs from each bar (ie: Business card, napkin, shot glass)
  3. Get a stranger to buy a drink for the groom.
  4. Take a photo with a local celebrity
  5. Mirror shot of your team inside the women’s restroom

Make a Rule


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This game involves the entire bachelor party and is one of the most fun bar hopping games. Every 20 minutes, another person gets to make a new rule that every member of the party must follow. You have to remember all the rules and if you break one, you must chug the remainder of your drink or due to a shot. Here are some examples to get you started.

  1. Speak in a different accent at each pub.
  2. Do not look at your cell phone.
  3. Do not spend more than 20 bucks at each bar.
  4. No one is allowed to swear
  5. You are not allowed to address anyone by their first name.

Legged Pub Crawl


For this game, you must pair off with someone else and tie your legs together, similar to a 3-legged race. This person is your partner for the remainder of the evening.

Everyone starts at the same bar. Each team must drink 2 drinks (one per person) or shots and then head to the next stop on the bar crawl. The team that finishes their last drank at the last bar first is the winner.

Funny Games To Play On A Party Bus

If you want to make sure that no one drinks and drives, you can rent a bachelor bus. This is also a good way to keep an eye on everyone and to keep everyone engaged in the festivities. Of course, you will want to plan some games to play on a party bus to keep everyone entertained on the way to your destination.

I Spy


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This may sound like a child’s game but when you get a bunch of grown men together, especially if they have been drinking, I Spy can be a fun adult game as well. You can basically come up with a list of things to spot while on the drive. For example:

  1. Another party bus or limo
  2. Out-of-state license plate
  3. Student driver
  4. Food delivery service
  5. Spot a place where the bride and groom have gone on a date

Name that Tune


A great playlist is a must for a party bus! You can make it even more fun by making it a musical challenge. Pick a list of songs from various music genres and play a rowdy game of “Name that Tune.”

I Never


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This is another drinking game that you may remember from your younger years. Each person takes a turn with an “I Never” statement (ie: I have never gone skinny dipping) and everyone who has done that statement, must take a drink. If no one drinks, then the person who made the statement must drink.

Bachelor Party Games At Home For Any Crowd

Not every bachelor party involves bar hopping or going out on the town. If the groom prefers a party at home, you can still plan fun bachelor party games. You can do modified non-drinking variations of the aforementioned games or find other games that are appropriate for all ages and walks of life.

Here are some suggestions for bachelor party games at home:

Bachelor Bingo


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Bachelor Bingo is always a fun game and can be played with any crowd. You can easily find printable bingo cards online that are suitable for a bachelor party or make your own. You would need the pre-made, a list of questions and bingo chips. You would then compose a list of questions about the bachelor of which the answers are on the bingo cards. You read each question and then the guests mark the spot with the appropriate answer. Whoever gets BINGO first is the winner!

Cards Against Humanity


Everyone loves this popular card game! You can purchase this game online. The cards are dealt per the instructions on the game. The first player asks a question using one of their black cards and each player must then submit one of their white cards as an answer. The players who asked the question then gets to choose the answer they like best. They then give the person who submitted the best answer the black card. Whoever has the most black cards at the end of the game wins. This game is very engaging and can go on for hours!



Who doesn’t love a good game of charades? All you need is a basket with the categories for the charades. You can play in teams or have each person take a turn. They must then act out the suggestion on the card without speaking. Whoever guesses correctly wins and then goes next! You can act out song titles, book titles, movie titles, quotes and so on!

Keep in mind that these games are also good ideas for engagement party games.

Best Bachelor Party Games Without Alcohol

Remember, you are planning the bachelor party games for the groom, so the groom does not drink, you need to find some games that do not involve drinking. This does not mean you can not have fun! There are plenty of entertaining games that you can play that do not include drinking.

Here are some fun bachelor party games without alcohol:

Never Again


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In this game, each player will use scraps of paper to write things that the groom will no longer be able to do once he is wed. Then someone has to read them aloud and the groom has to guess who wrote which item. Some suggestions are:

  • Never again will you be able to leave the toilet seat up
  • Never again shall you go to a strip club
  • And so forth.

Scavenger Hunt


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You do not have to drink to have a fun scavenger hunt. You can make a list of items that are more wholesome than you would for a party that included drinking. Here are some suggestions:

  • A menu from the restaurant where the happy couple went on their first date
  • Trivia questions about the bride and groom
  • Photo from the place where the groom proposed

Bachelor Jeopardy


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Bachelor Jeopardy is always a fun game. Similar to bachelor bingo, you would comprise a series of questions about the bachelor. But instead of asking the group the questions, you would write the answers on a board similar to the popular game show Jeopardy under various categories. You would then call on a guest to pick a category, and they would then have to come up the correct question that corresponds with that answer. This is a great way to see how well everyone knows the groom. The female version of this game is one of the most popular bachelorette party games as well.

We hope you have found some great ideas for bachelor party games from our list! Good luck planning the bachelor party and have a fun (and safe) evening!

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