39 Bachelorette Party Ideas You Will Love

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If you’re a party animal type, this article definitely isn’t for you. This is for the bride-to-be who hears the word “bachelorette party ideas” and shudders.

Don’t fret, there’s nothing to be nervous about. With today’s trends, there’s absolutely no reason to resort to strippers and liquor for a good time. Actually, most of today’s party ideas are way more fun than you expect, even for us introverts.

Thus, follow along and you’re sure to find fun and relaxing bachelorette party ideas that are just your style.

What is a bachelorette party?

Who typically pays for the bachelorette party?

How do you make a bachelorette fun?

Go Healthy And Active Bachelorette Party Ideas

A day, night, or weekend out may be just right. However, by “out” we don’t mean at a bar, we mean a something energetic and healthful. Bonding and creating memories are our goals, and activities and good clean fun are the way to get there.


Weekend Camping Getaway


Of course, getting away from it all and connecting with nature is at the top of our list of bachelorette weekend ideas. Therefore, grab your girls, rent a cabin, and let the stresses of life melt away. Quiet nights staring at the stars around a campfire, getting out on the paddle boat and sleeping into your heart’s content. There’s simply no better way to enjoy your bachelorette party time.


Go Bowling


For a casual evening with a small group of friends, nothing beats a wholesome round of bowling. Our parents and grandparents used to head to the allies in droves. This is where they learned to socialize and took each other on dates. Rekindle the spirit with this classic game.


Wellness Spa and Fitness


The life ahead of you is bound to be filled with stress. Following each step on your wedding reception and ceremony planning guide can be taxing enough. After the wedding, there’s work, kids, taking care of the house. All in all, it never seems to end.

So, take this opportunity to forget about absolutely everything and let the stress fade away at the spa. There’s quite a variety to choose from if you’re not aware. Some are a few hours while others are destination getaways. Check your budget and your tastes to choose the ideal spa destination for your group.


Epic Paintball War


Relaxing is fun but sometimes you just have to blow off some steam. Let out your inner Valkyrie with a rousing round of paintball.

Just the girls are great fun but this is also an excellent opportunity to host Jack and Jill. Invite the boys along and combine your event with the bachelor party. Let the bullets fly and see who comes out on top!

Amusement Park


Getting married is a very adult thing to do. However, to some, it’s that final step between childhood and adulthood. Before you turn this page, let your inner child shine at an amusement park.

Wild rides, stroll in beautiful surroundings, plenty of food, and tons of smiles. Hence, an amusement park delivers it all for your bachelorette party.


Bachelorette Party Ideas for Homebodies

We wouldn’t blame you for a second if you prefer to stay home. It has all your comforts and is far less intrusive on your work and wedding planning schedule.

For many brides, packing and leaving sounds like more stress than it’s worth. Don’t worry, there’s a party with your name on it too!



“Home is where the heart is” plus “the fastest way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach”. This equals BBQ!

Gather your friends, set your playlist, and bring your stretchy pants. Breaking bread is a tradition that has stood the test of time, and for good reason. Preparing food for your besties and sharing your hopes and dreams around the table can be extremely therapeutic.


Old-School Sleepover Party


Circling back to that “feel like a kid again” feeling, we have to strongly suggest the classic slumber party.

Pop some corn, throw on some chick-flicks, do each others hair, and challenge each other to a pillow fight. It may seem silly at first, but when was the last time you did something like that? Within a few minutes, you’ll feel like your old self again and giggle through the night.

Craft Party (DIY)


It’s okay to double dip. Invite the bachelorette party over for some good food, good music, a little wine, and put them to work!

In general, the perfect bachelorette party only really needs to consist of best friends, lively conversation, and an activity to do together. Creating an assembly line will keep you entertained and result in some low-cost wedding invitations or venue centerpieces. Whatever you make, we promise you’ll love it more than something you can buy at a store.


Play Poker


We know a few ladies that absolutely adore poker. Make your bachelorette party a true event by hosting a series.

Get the chips, the cards, the snacks, and (splurge, it’s worth it) hire the cutest professional dealer that you can find. Play for fun, money, or a series of prizes for the first, second, and third place. Regardless of what everyone has in their pockets when they leave, they’ll all have smiles on their faces and perfect memories in their hearts.

Beer and Wine Samples


Getting fall-down-drunk may not be your personal cup of tea, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a little alcohol at your bachelorette party. Thus, for a truly classy affair opt for craft beer or wine tasting.

There are plenty of tours that you can book. But, since this list is for homebodies, there’s also a lot of services that will come to your home, set out the spread, and teach you the true art of appreciation. Make sure to have a few extra dollars laying around because you’re bound to buy a bottle or 2 after this experience.


Learn New Skills While Having a Bachelor Party

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect bachelorette party idea perhaps learning something new is in order. That’s right! Rally your besties and schedule a group class.

There are more than a few half-day courses out there that’ll result in the perfect bonding moment with you and your friends.

Make Jewelry Together


We recommend a jewelry making class with plans to wear your matching accessories during the wedding. It’s fun, anyone can do it, and results in a tangible memory that will last a lifetime.


Take a Cooking Class


If you don’t quite feel at home in the kitchen, you will be the end of this class! A professional chef will teach you the art of a few dishes. There’s a certain sense of pride that only comes with serving tasty dishes to the ones you love. You may even be surprised, a lot of people find cooking to be their “zen moment”, maybe you will too.

Invent Your Own Scents


This is a little atypical but can be very rewarding. If you’ve ever spent a few hundred dollars on your favorite perfume, you’ve most certainly had that “I could do this” moment. Put theory into practice and create your own scent for wedding events.

They say that smell has the strongest link to memory, and that’s what this bachelorette party is all about!


Flower Arranging


You’d be amazed at how much art and science goes into a flower arrangement, and your entire bachelorette party will have a blast finding out. Aside from the joy of the experience and being surrounded by friends, again, you get to double dip. Your creations will look darling as reception centerpieces.

Pole Dancing


Pole dancing isn’t for everyone. Check with your party before you take the plunge. There’s a certain level of fitness that’s required for this activity, and a certain level of body comfort. If your entire party is game, you’re in for a blast.

We don’t need to go on describing what to expect out of this class – your imagination will suffice 🙂 – but we should point out how much fun it is. Aside from the obvious, you’re in for music, dancing, and a great workout.


Beauty and Spa Bachelorette Party Ideas

If a single event doesn’t quite cut it, plan an entire day!

The key here is to be super selfish and make it all about you. Relaxing bachelorette party ideas involve being pampered. Sleep in, head to brunch, then set off on your “all about me” destination.



Spas can range from getting a tan and your hair done, to a day spa with wraps and facials, to an entire weekend getaway for a total wellness makeover. Consult your party and see which type is the best fit. Live your last days of freedom in utter relaxation, and truly enjoy each other’s company.


Nail Salon


Being pampered is an amazing feeling. Sharing that feeling is even better. Plan a few hours with your girls to talk while you’re massaged, oiled, and polished. This is an extremely special occasion so feel comfortable splurging for a private salon that serves wine or mimosas.

Temporary Tattoo


If you’re feeling brave, go for the real deal. Otherwise, a temporary or henna tattoo is an excellent way to build comradery. Call the studio well in advance so that you’re sure that they have enough time for your entire party, and ask if you can bring your own playlist for the event.




Sleep in, head to brunch, then hit the boutiques. Plan for a few outfits that you want to buy like a night out, some vacation attire, or that sultry lingerie you’ll want for the honeymoon. Something about shopping is just cathartic. There’s a lot to celebrate, and you’ll have the full support of your team to look your best through it all.



Feeling gorgeous means feeling good. Head over to the beauty parlor and have yourself a ball. Take it a few steps further with professional makeup, a premium tan, and even some collagen if you’re so inclined. The point here is to put as much effort into your look as you did on prom but for absolutely no reason at all.

There’s no one to impress, and there’s no one to compete with. This is 100% for you and you alone.


Themed Photoshoot


If you’ve chosen one of the above-mentioned beauty-based outings, make sure to capture it all on HD and pin it to your Instagram board. Or, the photo shoot can BE the event. Make an “I feel pretty” playlist, pop a bottle of champagne to calm your nerves, and make love to the camera.

Also, for best results, we recommend a theme. Your imagination will tell you what’s right for you, but to get you started you should strongly consider Pop Princess, The Roaring 20’s, or maybe even Twisted Fairy Tale.

Extreme and Cool Bachelorette Ideas

Some of you will want to feed your wild side with a thrill-seeking adventure. If your friends are just like you, go nuts! A night out at the bar pales in comparison to the enjoyment and bonding you’ll experience when you all hit the height of adrenaline.


White Water Rafting


Whitewater rafting is the safest way to “put your life on the line”. Guided tours are hosted by professionals that know the river like the back of their hand. They’re in complete control but that’s definitely not how it feels when you step into the raft and dip your paddle in the water for the first time.

You and your girls are up against nature. Your hearts will pound and screams will fly. But there’s really no danger and you’ll come out feeling like you just defeated death. However, we should warn you that your cheeks may hurt from smiling too much.

Zip Lining


Many bachelorette parties prefer trees to the water. If that sounds like you, look up your nearest zip lining course and book your tour. Being suspended above the ground and whizzing past the trees is a thrill that all your friends can enjoy. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make sure to keep your camera close by.


Go Karts


Go karts are a rush! If this is your bachelorette drug of choice, call ahead and see if you can get the track to yourselves. No doubt you’ll be in a playful mood, and it’s best to avoid others while your attention is beating your besties around the track.

So make sure to prepare a few prizes for the fastest lap time or, depending on your friends, whoever does the least amount of damage to the kart.

Visit Festival or Concert


If your gal pals are slightly less on the adrenaline junky side of things but still looking for an adventure, there’s no better bet than a music festival. These events have been growing in popularity, quality, and attendance year-over-year throughout the entire globe. Regardless of your musical taste, amount of time available, and desired destination you’re sure to find a festival ideal for your group.




If you’re working with a tight budget or just don’t have the time for a concert, make your own “festival” with a night out at the karaoke bar. Bring your favorite playlist, break up the evening with food and activities, and make sure to bring your camera!

Bachelorette Party Ideas During Covid

Just because you cannot hit Vegas or Hawaii with the girls, doesn’t mean you can’t have an absolute blast! Your bachelorette will stop pop with these bachelorette party ideas during covid. You can replicate your dream bash from the comfort of your home while keeping safe.

  • Set up a cooking session

One of the ways to enjoy your bachelorette is by hosting a cooking session. Send out recipes in the invitation mail so that all the girls can get ready. At the virtual party, put on your aprons, get in your kitchens, and start cooking. The host will moderate the session.

  • Host virtual home spa

There’s no better time to relax than during a girl’s night. Crow fund to get basic spa essentials for all of you. Deliver them alongside the invites to your girls, and have a nice night from your bathtubs.

  • Sip on signature recipes

Learn something new and interesting like creating signature recipes. Agree on a recipe with your girls and everyone gets ready. At the virtual party, you all will create this drink and toast to new beginnings.


How to host a virtual bachelorette party


  • Send her surprise gifts

Prep the bride into excitement by sending her surprise gifts. Deliver items like veils, sashes, jewelry, and wedding accessories that she’ll need. Unboxing her gifts in anticipation of her big day makes her feel special.

  • Deliver her best take-out food and drinks

If there’s a restaurant she loves going to, surprise her with her favorite meal from there. Send it along with bottles of her favorite wine.

  • Creatively decorate

Have all the girls decorate their background like the bride’s, to give an illusion that you’re all in one place. This will make the bride excited.

  • Pick a theme

Agree on a theme and everyone can dress the same way. The event will look more cohesive and organized.

  • Stay outdoors

Book out a park, a field, beach, or other open spaces to social distance and party for the night. Enjoy games of tarot cards, relay races, painting, or ping-pong.

Play Bachelorette Party Games That Don’t Suck

If you’ve come this far and still haven’t found your idea of the best night out perhaps a cool night in is in order. Invite the gang over for a series of appetizers and classic bachelorette party games.


Photo Scavenger Hunt


This is tons of fun. Print out a challenge list of photos to take throughout an evening. Make it creative and challenging, but not impossible. The goal is to have an album by the end of the night that you and your friends can laugh about for years to come.

Some great ideas are a photo of a man handing over his underwear, a photo of you dancing up on the bar, a condom from a random guy, kiss on the cheek from the bouncer…. you get the picture.

Wig Out


This isn’t exactly a game or activity, more of a frame of mind with accessories. Donning a vibrant wig can instantly transform your personality and makes for a fantastic photoshoot. For this reason, you can hire a professional photographer or just take turns snapping pics with your phones.

Either way, vivid-color wigs set a certain mood and really creates a theme to have fun with.


He Says, She Says


Laugh the night away with a DYI gameshow. However, it takes a little research to find the perfect questions, and a little planning to call the Groom and get his responses. After that act as gameshow host, as the questions, and see if the Bride’s answers match the groom’s.

Whichever player guesses how many answers will match wins the prize!

DIY Pin The Kiss on Ryan Gosling Game


Think Pin The Tail On The Donkey, but for adults. Post a photo of Ryan Gosling – or any other Hollywood hunk that floats your boat – gloss your lips with bright red lipstick, dawn a blindfold, and see who can get closest to his lips.

Winning is fun because you get the prize, but it’s equally funny to miss completely while your friends capture everything on video. Sporting hilarious or sexy wigs should top your list of bachelorette slumber party ideas. Adding this layer of fun makes the night more entertaining.


Bachelorette Photo Challenge


We want to end this post by circling back to the photo challenge. So, ask any woman who’s been involved in bachelorette party or shower games and they’ll all tell you that this is the most memorable part.

In fact, there are plenty more photo challenge options, and plenty more fun bachelorette party ideas like ‘what does he call his Johnson?’ where you have to ask random men how they refer to their special areas. There’s scavenger hunts, bridal bingo, and so much more. Each of these is also excellent alternatives for bridal shower.

Embrace your wild side and have the night of your life. And, in case you forget, make sure to take classy Before photos of the entire bachelorette guest list followed u by (usually trashy) after photos when the night is coming to a close. Be selfish and have fun!