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If you’re a party animal type, this article definitely isn’t for you. This is for the bride-to-be who hears the word “bachelorette party ideas” and shudders. Don’t fret, there’s nothing […]

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Original content: 39 Bachelorette Party Ideas You Will Love

If you’re a party animal type, this article definitely isn’t for you. This is for the bride-to-be who hears the word “bachelorette party ideas” and shudders.

Don’t fret, there’s nothing to be nervous about. With today’s trends, there’s absolutely no reason to resort to strippers and liquor for a good time. Actually, most of today’s party ideas are way more fun than you expect, even for us introverts.

Thus, follow along and you’re sure to find fun and relaxing bachelorette party ideas that are just your style.

What is a bachelorette party?

Who typically pays for the bachelorette party?

How do you make a bachelorette fun?

Go Healthy And Active Bachelorette Party Ideas

A day, night, or weekend out may be just right. However, by “out” we don’t mean at a bar, we mean a something energetic and healthful. Bonding and creating memories are our goals, and activities and good clean fun are the way to get there.

Weekend Camping Getaway


Of course, getting away from it all and connecting with nature is at the top of our list of bachelorette weekend ideas. Therefore, grab your girls, rent a cabin, and let the stresses of life melt away. Quiet nights staring at the stars around a campfire, getting out on the paddle boat and sleeping into your heart’s content. There’s simply no better way to enjoy your bachelorette party time.

Go Bowling


For a casual evening with a small group of friends, nothing beats a wholesome round of bowling. Our parents and grandparents used to head to the allies in droves. This is where they learned to socialize and took each other on dates. Rekindle the spirit with this classic game.

Wellness Spa and Fitness


The life ahead of you is bound to be filled with stress. Following each step on your wedding reception and ceremony planning guide can be taxing enough. After the wedding, there’s work, kids, taking care of the house. All in all, it never seems to end.

So, take this opportunity to forget about absolutely everything and let the stress fade away at the spa. There’s quite a variety to choose from if you’re not aware. Some are a few hours while others are destination getaways. Check your budget and your tastes to choose the ideal spa destination for your group.

Epic Paintball War


Relaxing is fun but sometimes you just have to blow off some steam. Let out your inner Valkyrie with a rousing round of paintball.

Just the girls are great fun but this is also an excellent opportunity to host Jack and Jill. Invite the boys along and combine your event with the bachelor party. Let the bullets fly and see who comes out on top!

Amusement Park


Getting married is a very adult thing to do. However, to some, it’s that final step between childhood and adulthood. Before you turn this page, let your inner child shine at an amusement park.

Wild rides, stroll in beautiful surroundings, plenty of food, and tons of smiles. Hence, an amusement park delivers it all for your bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party Ideas for Homebodies

We wouldn’t blame you for a second if you prefer to stay home. It has all your comforts and is far less intrusive on your work and wedding planning schedule.

For many brides, packing and leaving sounds like more stress than it’s worth. Don’t worry, there’s a party with your name on it too!



“Home is where the heart is” plus “the fastest way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach”. This equals BBQ!

Gather your friends, set your playlist, and bring your stretchy pants. Breaking bread is a tradition that has stood the test of time, and for good reason. Preparing food for your besties and sharing your hopes and dreams around the table can be extremely therapeutic.

Old-School Sleepover Party


Circling back to that “feel like a kid again” feeling, we have to strongly suggest the classic slumber party.

Pop some corn, throw on some chick-flicks, do each others hair, and challenge each other to a pillow fight. It may seem silly at first, but when was the last time you did something like that? Within a few minutes, you’ll feel like your old self again and giggle through the night.

Craft Party (DIY)


It’s okay to double dip. Invite the bachelorette party over for some good food, good music, a little wine, and put them to work!

In general, the perfect bachelorette party only really needs to consist of best friends, lively conversation, and an activity to do together. Creating an assembly line will keep you entertained and result in some low-cost wedding invitations or venue centerpieces. Whatever you make, we promise you’ll love it more than something you can buy at a store.

Play Poker


We know a few ladies that absolutely adore poker. Make your bachelorette party a true event by hosting a series.

Get the chips, the cards, the snacks, and (splurge, it’s worth it) hire the cutest professional dealer that you can find. Play for fun, money, or a series of prizes for the first, second, and third place. Regardless of what everyone has in their pockets when they leave, they’ll all have smiles on their faces and perfect memories in their hearts.

Beer and Wine Samples


Getting fall-down-drunk may not be your personal cup of tea, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a little alcohol at your bachelorette party. Thus, for a truly classy affair opt for craft beer or wine tasting.

There are plenty of tours that you can book. But, since this list is for homebodies, there’s also a lot of services that will come to your home, set out the spread, and teach you the true art of appreciation. Make sure to have a few extra dollars laying around because you’re bound to buy a bottle or 2 after this experience.

Learn New Skills While Having a Bachelor Party

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect bachelorette party idea perhaps learning something new is in order. That’s right! Rally your besties and schedule a group class.

There are more than a few half-day courses out there that’ll result in the perfect bonding moment with you and your friends.

Make Jewelry Together


We recommend a jewelry making class with plans to wear your matching accessories during the wedding. It’s fun, anyone can do it, and results in a tangible memory that will last a lifetime.

Take a Cooking Class


If you don’t quite feel at home in the kitchen, you will be the end of this class! A professional chef will teach you the art of a few dishes. There’s a certain sense of pride that only comes with serving tasty dishes to the ones you love. You may even be surprised, a lot of people find cooking to be their “zen moment”, maybe you will too.

Invent Your Own Scents


This is a little atypical but can be very rewarding. If you’ve ever spent a few hundred dollars on your favorite perfume, you’ve most certainly had that “I could do this” moment. Put theory into practice and create your own scent for wedding events.

They say that smell has the strongest link to memory, and that’s what this bachelorette party is all about!

Flower Arranging


You’d be amazed at how much art and science goes into a flower arrangement, and your entire bachelorette party will have a blast finding out. Aside from the joy of the experience and being surrounded by friends, again, you get to double dip. Your creations will look darling as reception centerpieces.

Pole Dancing


Pole dancing isn’t for everyone. Check with your party before you take the plunge. There’s a certain level of fitness that’s required for this activity, and a certain level of body comfort. If your entire party is game, you’re in for a blast.

We don’t need to go on describing what to expect out of this class – your imagination will suffice 🙂 – but we should point out how much fun it is. Aside from the obvious, you’re in for music, dancing, and a great workout.

Beauty and Spa Bachelorette Party Ideas

If a single event doesn’t quite cut it, plan an entire day!

The key here is to be super selfish and make it all about you. Relaxing bachelorette party ideas involve being pampered. Sleep in, head to brunch, then set off on your “all about me” destination.



Spas can range from getting a tan and your hair done, to a day spa with wraps and facials, to an entire weekend getaway for a total wellness makeover. Consult your party and see which type is the best fit. Live your last days of freedom in utter relaxation, and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Nail Salon


Being pampered is an amazing feeling. Sharing that feeling is even better. Plan a few hours with your girls to talk while you’re massaged, oiled, and polished. This is an extremely special occasion so feel comfortable splurging for a private salon that serves wine or mimosas.

Temporary Tattoo


If you’re feeling brave, go for the real deal. Otherwise, a temporary or henna tattoo is an excellent way to build comradery. Call the studio well in advance so that you’re sure that they have enough time for your entire party, and ask if you can bring your own playlist for the event.



Sleep in, head to brunch, then hit the boutiques. Plan for a few outfits that you want to buy like a night out, some vacation attire, or that sultry lingerie you’ll want for the honeymoon. Something about shopping is just cathartic. There’s a lot to celebrate, and you’ll have the full support of your team to look your best through it all.



Feeling gorgeous means feeling good. Head over to the beauty parlor and have yourself a ball. Take it a few steps further with professional makeup, a premium tan, and even some collagen if you’re so inclined. The point here is to put as much effort into your look as you did on prom but for absolutely no reason at all.

There’s no one to impress, and there’s no one to compete with. This is 100% for you and you alone.

Themed Photoshoot


If you’ve chosen one of the above-mentioned beauty-based outings, make sure to capture it all on HD and pin it to your Instagram board. Or, the photo shoot can BE the event. Make an “I feel pretty” playlist, pop a bottle of champagne to calm your nerves, and make love to the camera.

Also, for best results, we recommend a theme. Your imagination will tell you what’s right for you, but to get you started you should strongly consider Pop Princess, The Roaring 20’s, or maybe even Twisted Fairy Tale.

Extreme and Cool Bachelorette Ideas

Some of you will want to feed your wild side with a thrill-seeking adventure. If your friends are just like you, go nuts! A night out at the bar pales in comparison to the enjoyment and bonding you’ll experience when you all hit the height of adrenaline.

White Water Rafting


Whitewater rafting is the safest way to “put your life on the line”. Guided tours are hosted by professionals that know the river like the back of their hand. They’re in complete control but that’s definitely not how it feels when you step into the raft and dip your paddle in the water for the first time.

You and your girls are up against nature. Your hearts will pound and screams will fly. But there’s really no danger and you’ll come out feeling like you just defeated death. However, we should warn you that your cheeks may hurt from smiling too much.

Zip Lining


Many bachelorette parties prefer trees to the water. If that sounds like you, look up your nearest zip lining course and book your tour. Being suspended above the ground and whizzing past the trees is a thrill that all your friends can enjoy. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make sure to keep your camera close by.

Go Karts


Go karts are a rush! If this is your bachelorette drug of choice, call ahead and see if you can get the track to yourselves. No doubt you’ll be in a playful mood, and it’s best to avoid others while your attention is beating your besties around the track.

So make sure to prepare a few prizes for the fastest lap time or, depending on your friends, whoever does the least amount of damage to the kart.

Visit Festival or Concert


If your gal pals are slightly less on the adrenaline junky side of things but still looking for an adventure, there’s no better bet than a music festival. These events have been growing in popularity, quality, and attendance year-over-year throughout the entire globe. Regardless of your musical taste, amount of time available, and desired destination you’re sure to find a festival ideal for your group.



If you’re working with a tight budget or just don’t have the time for a concert, make your own “festival” with a night out at the karaoke bar. Bring your favorite playlist, break up the evening with food and activities, and make sure to bring your camera!

Bachelorette Party Ideas During Covid

Just because you cannot hit Vegas or Hawaii with the girls, doesn’t mean you can’t have an absolute blast! Your bachelorette will stop pop with these bachelorette party ideas during covid. You can replicate your dream bash from the comfort of your home while keeping safe.

  • Set up a cooking session

One of the ways to enjoy your bachelorette is by hosting a cooking session. Send out recipes in the invitation mail so that all the girls can get ready. At the virtual party, put on your aprons, get in your kitchens, and start cooking. The host will moderate the session.

  • Host virtual home spa

There’s no better time to relax than during a girl’s night. Crow fund to get basic spa essentials for all of you. Deliver them alongside the invites to your girls, and have a nice night from your bathtubs.

  • Sip on signature recipes

Learn something new and interesting like creating signature recipes. Agree on a recipe with your girls and everyone gets ready. At the virtual party, you all will create this drink and toast to new beginnings.

How to host a virtual bachelorette party


  • Send her surprise gifts

Prep the bride into excitement by sending her surprise gifts. Deliver items like veils, sashes, jewelry, and wedding accessories that she’ll need. Unboxing her gifts in anticipation of her big day makes her feel special.

  • Deliver her best take-out food and drinks

If there’s a restaurant she loves going to, surprise her with her favorite meal from there. Send it along with bottles of her favorite wine.

  • Creatively decorate

Have all the girls decorate their background like the bride’s, to give an illusion that you’re all in one place. This will make the bride excited.

  • Pick a theme

Agree on a theme and everyone can dress the same way. The event will look more cohesive and organized.

  • Stay outdoors

Book out a park, a field, beach, or other open spaces to social distance and party for the night. Enjoy games of tarot cards, relay races, painting, or ping-pong.

Play Bachelorette Party Games That Don’t Suck

If you’ve come this far and still haven’t found your idea of the best night out perhaps a cool night in is in order. Invite the gang over for a series of appetizers and classic bachelorette party games.

Photo Scavenger Hunt


This is tons of fun. Print out a challenge list of photos to take throughout an evening. Make it creative and challenging, but not impossible. The goal is to have an album by the end of the night that you and your friends can laugh about for years to come.

Some great ideas are a photo of a man handing over his underwear, a photo of you dancing up on the bar, a condom from a random guy, kiss on the cheek from the bouncer…. you get the picture.

Wig Out


This isn’t exactly a game or activity, more of a frame of mind with accessories. Donning a vibrant wig can instantly transform your personality and makes for a fantastic photoshoot. For this reason, you can hire a professional photographer or just take turns snapping pics with your phones.

Either way, vivid-color wigs set a certain mood and really creates a theme to have fun with.

He Says, She Says


Laugh the night away with a DYI gameshow. However, it takes a little research to find the perfect questions, and a little planning to call the Groom and get his responses. After that act as gameshow host, as the questions, and see if the Bride’s answers match the groom’s.

Whichever player guesses how many answers will match wins the prize!

DIY Pin The Kiss on Ryan Gosling Game


Think Pin The Tail On The Donkey, but for adults. Post a photo of Ryan Gosling – or any other Hollywood hunk that floats your boat – gloss your lips with bright red lipstick, dawn a blindfold, and see who can get closest to his lips.

Winning is fun because you get the prize, but it’s equally funny to miss completely while your friends capture everything on video. Sporting hilarious or sexy wigs should top your list of bachelorette slumber party ideas. Adding this layer of fun makes the night more entertaining.

Bachelorette Photo Challenge


We want to end this post by circling back to the photo challenge. So, ask any woman who’s been involved in bachelorette party or shower games and they’ll all tell you that this is the most memorable part.

In fact, there are plenty more photo challenge options, and plenty more fun bachelorette party ideas like ‘what does he call his Johnson?’ where you have to ask random men how they refer to their special areas. There’s scavenger hunts, bridal bingo, and so much more. Each of these is also excellent alternatives for bridal shower.

Embrace your wild side and have the night of your life. And, in case you forget, make sure to take classy Before photos of the entire bachelorette guest list followed u by (usually trashy) after photos when the night is coming to a close. Be selfish and have fun!

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Top Bridal Shower Ideas For The Best Party In 2023 Tue, 06 Sep 2022 12:07:32 +0000 Original content: Top Bridal Shower Ideas For The Best Party In 2023

A bridal shower is one of the most important pre-wedding activities for every bride-to-be. It dates back to the 16th century and the tradition has lived through millennials. This event […]

The post Top Bridal Shower Ideas For The Best Party In 2023 appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: Top Bridal Shower Ideas For The Best Party In 2023

A bridal shower is one of the most important pre-wedding activities for every bride-to-be. It dates back to the 16th century and the tradition has lived through millennials. This event is an opportunity to shower the bride with love and gifts, which she will enjoy opening. It’s also a meeting ground to break the ice between families and friends before the wedding.

Hosting a bridal shower can be both daunting and overwhelming since it’s a preliminary for wedding planning. But equipped with the best bridal shower ideas, your task is half solved. So if you’ve been charged with hosting these events, check out these beautiful ideas for a bridal shower.

Brides Often Ask

Who Throws The Bridal Shower?

When Should You Celebrate A Bridal Shower?

Where to Have the Bridal Shower

How to Plan a Bridal Shower Party?

Every successful event requires planning, even a bridal shower. We’ve simplified the planning process into achievable timelines below.

Twelve Weeks before the party

  • Budgeting
    Just like the first step in planning a wedding, you must set a budget for the bridal shower. You need costs to cover venue, food, decor, drinks, photography, décor, etc.
  • Date
    Pick a date that suits the bride and gives the guests enough time to prepare. Also, remember that there’s the bachelorette and bachelor’s party before the wedding. So give me enough time.
  • Guestlist
    Create a guest list that includes those invited to the wedding. Work with the bride or the bride’s mom if it’s a surprise.

Eight Weeks

  • Location
    Before you start planning in detail, it’s important to know your venue. If you’re not able to use your venue as the host, seek from other co-hosts. When all fails, hire a venue that the bride loves or works with the theme.
  • Theme
    This isn’t mandatory but if the bride loves something in particular, like cooking, crafts, choose a venue that goes with the theme. Watch your budget for this movie.
  • Pick out invites
    It’s important to do this early enough especially if you’re following a theme. Pick and design them to your satisfaction, so that the guests can get them early enough.

Four Weeks

  • Plan the menu
    Hire the vendors and plan the menu to suit the time of day the party holds. Make provision for the dietary preferences of the guests. Also, make sure that the menu is something that the bride can enjoy.
  • Send out invites
    Invite the guests four weeks early so they can arrange their schedule and shop for gifts if necessary. Include RSVP and dietary specification column.

Two weeks before

  • Games
    Prepare games that suit the theme, break the ice, and get everyone mixing up. There are many bridal shower theme ideas and games to get the ball rolling. Games like bridal shower bingo are a great start. If your budget allows, you can buy beautiful games online.
  • Playlist
    Curate your playlist and make it all-inclusive. Ask the bride to send hers and merge it with something everyone else will like.

On the day before the shower

Check with the planner and vendors to ensure everything is fine. Get a book for the guests to write all bridal shower wishes, which becomes one of the bride’s souvenirs. Take a calming bath, eat well, and have a well-deserved rest.

Save this simple bridal shower planning checklist:

Bridal Shower Ideas

If you’re looking to get creative with your bridal shower party, here’s your guide. The different bridal shower ideas below will catch your fancy.

Tea Bridal Party


Tea parties are traditional and great for the sophisticated bride. Its elegance is in simplicity.

Expert tips:
Choose an upscale restaurant for the venue and decorate the tables with white linen, delicate China, blue candles, and some vases of hydrangeas.

Maintain a light menu with assorted pots of tea and a consistent supply of hot water. Complement with sandwiches like cucumber and cream cheese, chicken salad with tarragon, egg salad, or smoked salmon, and dill.

Cocktail Party


A cocktail party is the perfect setting for the bride that screams industrial chic. Stick to simple white and green with florals and bows for the invite.

Expert tips:
For the venue, use florals and greenery with hints of gold for decor. Choose dining or farm tables and adorn them with white chiffon runners. Place some greenery, white and blue roses, and a collection of brass candlesticks on them. Cut out cardboard, spray paint them in gold, and adhere some florals to create a backdrop photo booth. Serve wine, beer, champagne, and some signature cocktails.

Offer a sweet mix of hors d’oeuvres and charcuterie with an assortment of flavored and frosted cupcakes.

Chic Champagne Brunch


A champagne chic brunch is a cool bridal shower idea for the prim, proper, and sophisticated bride.

Expert tips:
Start your decor with a mimosa bar kit in gold, pink and black. Fill your walls with colorful huge flute and champagne bottle balloons. You can also opt for decorative flutes with flared tulip rims and long classics steps as centerpieces. Create wreath hoops with flowers and foliage, hang them overhead and finish with warm lights.

For food, serve French toast, crepes, croissant, Belgian waffles, pastel-colored donuts, and tiered cakes. Don’t forget to present chilled fruit juices that merge well with bubbly wine.

Beach Bridal Shower Party


One of the best bridal shower ideas is opting for a beach venue. You can create an upscale or relaxed vibe for the bride who loves serenity with some action. Make use of the blues and turquoise for your invites.

Expert tips:
Use wooden tables because of the breeze and decorate with crisp White Sea urchin shells. If you’ll be using place or escort cards, hold them in place with color-ordinated vessels. Merge modern details like linens to natural elements like pebbles to engage the environment. Use a tent so that the photographers can work with better lighting.

For meals, lemonade, signature drinks, and finger foods work best. Enjoy some fun by doing sand crafts and castles.

Cozy Backyard Party


A backyard setting is one of the coolest bridal shower ideas for the minimalist bride. This is an opportunity to get creative with your backyard, so opt for cute colors. Choose crisp spring-green accents, lemon-yellow, and some white for a clean, calm look. Keep the invites white and chic with gold lettering.

Expert tips:
For decor, use twinkling lights and suspend lantern holding votive over white table and chairs. Create arrangements of white hydrangeas, Phalaenopsis orchids, and lisianthus in colorful mason jars.

Serve simple food like cookies and desserts, lemon curd, sponge cakes, macaroons, sparkling white tea, and some Chardonnay wine. Complete the relaxed vibe by hiring a masseuse to offer everyone a massage session.

Glam Garden Party


A whimsical bride will adore a glam garden bridal shower because it’s elegant, intimate, and romantic.

Expert tips:
Nail this theme by keeping the invitations and venue floral focused. Create a centerpiece mix of vases with gold balls and those with roses, dahlias, and jasmine. Anchor glitter place cards behind greenery decorated bistro chairs. Explore greens, blues, pinks, whites, gold, and sapphire.

Serve up exotic bites of mini heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and raspberry mascarpone. Present cupcakes and donuts with frosted or glittery toppings. Offer the guests rosehip water, signature Bellini’s, and some cocktails and play of trivia.

Wine Testing


Wine tasting is a timelessly popular bridal party idea.

Expert tips:
A professional service will provide you with rich history, an expertly curated assortment of wines, and a recommendation for food pairings. Alternatively, look, smell, and taste on a budget with the guidance of YouTube tutorials and bottles supplied by guests.

Cooking Class


If the bride loves to cook, then this fun bridal shower idea is everything.

Expert tips:
Start with a rustic venue vibe by placing white linens on farm tables. Create centerpieces from vegetables and herbs. You can fill complete bowls with citrus fruits with ribbons around them. Tomatoes, pomegranates, and kiwi could make colorful centerpieces too. Finish the look with pretzel sticks in colorful jars.

Get a chef to teach some dishes which everyone can and take the recipes home. Complement this with caramels, cookies, dried apricots, pound cake, melted chocolate, and some champagne.

Wellness Day


There are very few bridal shower ideas that are more satisfying than the indulgence of hedonism.

Expert tips:
Treat yourselves to spa experiences, massages, beauty products, sauna sessions, and anything else that will help you relax.

Tarot Reading


You don’t have to be a true believer to thoroughly enjoy this bridal shower idea. Tarot cards are meant to answer deep questions about your past, present, and future.

Expert tips:
It’s a fun experience that will help you realize something about yourself, even if you don’t believe their mystical powers.

Private Shopping Day


Splurging is always a cathartic experience, especially when there is no guilt attached. You can have a blast by setting a budget and investigating every store that catches your eye.

Expert tips:
However, if you start your adventure with a to-do list you’ll enhance the experience with the sensation that you’ve accomplished something.

Makeup Class


A makeup tutorial session is a fun group event. It exposes you to new products, introduces you to new techniques, and gives you the opportunity to experiment with a look for your wedding day style.

Expert tips:
To keep the festivities going, take your new look for a test drive by hitting the club as a group.

One-Day Trip


Out of all the bridal shower surprise ideas, this is the one we love most. Make sure that the bride has no obligations, pack her bags in advance, and surprise her with a day trip!

Expert tips:
Depending on the bride’s taste, this could be a visit to a cabin in the woods, a trip to the aquarium, or a day at the slot machines. The maid of honor will know best.

Modern Bridal Shower Ideas For Themed Party

Modern bridal shower ideas are crafted around a theme. This creates a common anchor for the occasion and creates a lived story rather than a series of events. A bridal shower theme also helps to establish a vibe for the evening.

Parisian Chic


A Parisian chic bridal shower is a modern bridal shower wedding idea that’s romantic and feminine. It’s perfect for the bride who adores the city of love or will spend her honeymoon there.

Expert tips:
Send out dainty invites that have the Hermes bags, pictures of Paris, Coco Chanel posters. Etc. Use white, black, and pink colors with gold accents for the linens, place cards, and flowers. Centerpieces can be the Eiffel tower, white orchids, pink roses, and carnation. You can also throw in a combination of pastels with fine China, accented with pillared candles for a romantic ambiance.

Boho Style Wedding Shower


Bohemian themes are usually centered around eclectic style and an affinity for nature. Guests will be encouraged to mix colors, patterns and textures and to reimagine styles from previous generations.

Expert tips:
This is a great option for brides that veer away from the traditional wedding aesthetic.

Mexican Style Party


It’s very much appropriate to indulge in stereotypes during a Mexican style bridal shower, but it is best that the bride has Mexican heritage. Decorate your space with Mexican flags, papel picado, paper fans, and succulents for the table.

Expert tips:
This is a conveniently inexpensive bridal shower idea as you can DIY almost everything, and very attractive for brides who love food and music.

Moroccan Style Bridal Shower


Food is often the driver behind unique bridal shower ideas. Cater to the adventurous bride with a Moroccan bridal shower theme that doesn’t disappoint!

Expert tips:
Set your scene with a bounty of comfortable cushions, oversized frawns, and vividly colored fabrics and table settings. The sheer amount of satisfyingly exotic food is almost overwhelming. Do your best to try a little of everything.

Total White Bridal Party


Total white parties are shabby-chic and elegant perfection for the stylish bride.

Expert tips:
Achieve an upscale look with white, ivory, silver, and peach accents. Layering these colors with textures like burlap, lace, and a hint of Mylar to finish the look. Tape silver Mylar “I do” to a wall of lace and tulle for a beautiful backdrop. Run burlap and lace over plastic table cover and place spray-tinted matte silver and chalk-white mason jars on them. Place fresh blooms and peach roses in them, accentuated with white and ivory dinnerware.

Float silver balloons overhead each table. Serve donuts in white powder, silver candy sticks, yogurt dipped pretzels, vanilla sugar wafers, white rock candy sticks, and white wine.

Bridal Shower Party Tips

  • When planning your bridal shower ideas at home or at a venue, it’s best to start with a plan. Start by establishing a firm budget. This will guide you through all of the choices you have to make. It will help you decide where the event will take place, identify how elaborate your bridal shower theme can be, and will determine how many guests you can accommodate.
  • Once you determine how many guests can attend, spend a good amount of time considering who to invite. Bridal showers are meant to be an intimate gathering of the bride’s closest friends and family members. Make sure that everyone fits the description.
  • With the venue and guest list established, you can move on to narrowing down your bridal shower ideas! Your decor, dress code, and menu are built into your theme, so choose wisely. The priority is to pander to the bride’s tastes, but it’s not a bad idea to consider how into it the other guests will be.
  • Before making your final decisions, keep in mind that you’ll need to reserve a portion of your budget for gifts. They don’t need to be an extreme expense, but it will require a small percentage of your funds.
  • Don’t kick things off until you take another look at your budget. At first it probably seems that a home bridal shower is the less expensive option. However, reach out to a few venues that can support your bridal shower theme to see if they have any bundled services that suit your needs. This approach may offset a bunch of individual expenses as well as hours that you have to invest.
  • Bridal shower ideas are clearly (aside from the bride of course) the most important factors. Consider the planning process as you define your bridal shower theme.

Frequent Mistakes When Planning A Bridal Shower

  • The most common bridal shower mistake is inviting too many people. It’s a natural intuition to want to impress the bride with as many people as possible. However, this often makes it hard to stay on theme, inflates your budget exponentially, and runs the risk of creating party cliques rather than flocking around the bride.
  • The best bridal shower ideas are well planned, which leads to the next planning mistake; starting too late. Rushing your plans is the easiest way to spend too much money and make decisions that you’ll regret.
  • The third strike of bridal shower planning is making it about you. It’s tempting to choose music, food, guest lists, and shower themes that appeal to you, assuming that everyone else agrees. But, you have to take yourself out of the picture for the bride’s sake. If you are in charge of planning the bridal party, it’s likely that you know the bride inside and out. She’s probably even offered you a little advice about her wishes and interests. Follow her queues and you are sure to put a smile on her face and a memory in her heart.

Planning a bridal shower is fun when you have all the bases covered. We’ve put together everything you need to know about hosting a bridal shower. From what to do to creative bridal shower ideas and themes, look no further. Get inspired and host an unforgettable bridal shower regardless of your budget.

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15 The Most Popular Bachelor Party Games For 2023 Tue, 06 Sep 2022 07:25:08 +0000 Original content: 15 The Most Popular Bachelor Party Games For 2023

Planning a bachelor party and looking for some fun and exciting bachelor party games? Party games are one way to keep the party going, no matter what the crowd. Whether […]

The post 15 The Most Popular Bachelor Party Games For 2023 appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: 15 The Most Popular Bachelor Party Games For 2023

Planning a bachelor party and looking for some fun and exciting bachelor party games?

Party games are one way to keep the party going, no matter what the crowd. Whether you are planning a night out for a drinking crowd or a low-key event, there are dozens of entertaining party games to keep the party going.

As the best man, it is the duty of yourself and the groomsmen to plan the bachelor party. This is an evening to honor the bachelor’s last days as a single man. Planning the bachelor party does not fall under the tasks for the groom, therefore, it should be a surprise.

If you are looking for games and other bachelor party ideas, you have come to the right place. Following is a selection of some of the most popular games for the perfect bachelor party for any crowd.

Bachelor Party Drinking Games

If you have more of a wild crowd, you will want to plan some bachelor party drinking games. Remember to stick with the wishes of the groom. If he is a drinker and approves of drinking games, then you have to go-ahead to include alcohol and drinking games in the bachelor party plans.

Following are some suggestions of the most popular drinking games for bachelor parties.

Drunken Jenga


Everyone has most certainly played Jenga before, if not Drunken Jenga. All you need is the Jenga board game consisting of wooden blocks. And alcohol, of course!

You can play in teams or groups of 2-4 people. Or if you have a rather large group of people you can have more than one game going on at the same time, provided you have multiple Jenga games.

You would build the Jenga tower as you would normally do when playing this timeless classic board game. Then each player would take a turn to remove one of the wooden blocks and replacing it on top without knocking down the tower. If the tower falls, the person who removed the block that knocks it over is the “loser.”

In Drunken Jenga, the “loser” gets to drink the “trash can punch.” Basically, you put out a large glass and everyone in the party adds a shot or two of their beverage to the “communal” glass. You might end up with an interesting combination of Jack Daniels, beer and vodka! The “loser” of each round will then have to chug the entire glass of “trash can punch.”.

Shot Roulette


All you need for this drinking game is a roulette wheel and multiple shot glasses. You would fill each shot glass with a different type of booze (ie: whiskey, rum, gin and so forth). You then place the shot glasses on the roulette wheel. Each guest at the bachelor party will then pick a number. If the roulette wheel lands on their number they must drink the shot that corresponds with that number.

Loaded Kings


For this popular drinking game, you will need the deck of cards with the same name. And lots and lots of booze! Similar to the rules for Drunken Jenga, every player will pour some of their drink into a glass located in the center of the table.

You would then follow the directions per each card drawn. For example

  1. King: pour your drink into the drink in the center
  2. Heaven: everyone points to the sky, last person to do so drinks
  3. Mate: Choose a person with whom to do a shot. (and so forth)
  4. 4th King drawn: Player must drink the center drink thus ending the round.

If the weather cooperates you can also play outdoor bachelor party games such as cornhole or pub golf.

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Bar Hopping Games

Bar hopping, or a pub crawl, is a classic way to celebrate a bachelor party. You can travel to each bar as a group, or break into teams. Remember not to do anything illegal (unless you have bail money) and to drink responsibly, so no one ends up injured.

Drunken Scavenger Hunt


Download a free example!

Scavenger Hunts are always a popular game for both bachelor and bachelorette parties. And a pub crawl makes them even more fun. You would break into teams for anywhere from 2-6 people. Each team would have to find the items listed on the scavenger hunt. Or perform a task included in the hunt. Some examples are as follows:

  1. See which group can get the most women’s phone numbers.
  2. Collect souvenirs from each bar (ie: Business card, napkin, shot glass)
  3. Get a stranger to buy a drink for the groom.
  4. Take a photo with a local celebrity
  5. Mirror shot of your team inside the women’s restroom

Make a Rule


Download a free example!

This game involves the entire bachelor party and is one of the most fun bar hopping games. Every 20 minutes, another person gets to make a new rule that every member of the party must follow. You have to remember all the rules and if you break one, you must chug the remainder of your drink or due to a shot. Here are some examples to get you started.

  1. Speak in a different accent at each pub.
  2. Do not look at your cell phone.
  3. Do not spend more than 20 bucks at each bar.
  4. No one is allowed to swear
  5. You are not allowed to address anyone by their first name.

Legged Pub Crawl


For this game, you must pair off with someone else and tie your legs together, similar to a 3-legged race. This person is your partner for the remainder of the evening.

Everyone starts at the same bar. Each team must drink 2 drinks (one per person) or shots and then head to the next stop on the bar crawl. The team that finishes their last drank at the last bar first is the winner.

Funny Games To Play On A Party Bus

If you want to make sure that no one drinks and drives, you can rent a bachelor bus. This is also a good way to keep an eye on everyone and to keep everyone engaged in the festivities. Of course, you will want to plan some games to play on a party bus to keep everyone entertained on the way to your destination.

I Spy


Download a free template!

This may sound like a child’s game but when you get a bunch of grown men together, especially if they have been drinking, I Spy can be a fun adult game as well. You can basically come up with a list of things to spot while on the drive. For example:

  1. Another party bus or limo
  2. Out-of-state license plate
  3. Student driver
  4. Food delivery service
  5. Spot a place where the bride and groom have gone on a date

Name that Tune


A great playlist is a must for a party bus! You can make it even more fun by making it a musical challenge. Pick a list of songs from various music genres and play a rowdy game of “Name that Tune.”

I Never


Download free cards!

This is another drinking game that you may remember from your younger years. Each person takes a turn with an “I Never” statement (ie: I have never gone skinny dipping) and everyone who has done that statement, must take a drink. If no one drinks, then the person who made the statement must drink.

Bachelor Party Games At Home For Any Crowd

Not every bachelor party involves bar hopping or going out on the town. If the groom prefers a party at home, you can still plan fun bachelor party games. You can do modified non-drinking variations of the aforementioned games or find other games that are appropriate for all ages and walks of life.

Here are some suggestions for bachelor party games at home:

Bachelor Bingo


Download a free template!

Bachelor Bingo is always a fun game and can be played with any crowd. You can easily find printable bingo cards online that are suitable for a bachelor party or make your own. You would need the pre-made, a list of questions and bingo chips. You would then compose a list of questions about the bachelor of which the answers are on the bingo cards. You read each question and then the guests mark the spot with the appropriate answer. Whoever gets BINGO first is the winner!

Cards Against Humanity


Everyone loves this popular card game! You can purchase this game online. The cards are dealt per the instructions on the game. The first player asks a question using one of their black cards and each player must then submit one of their white cards as an answer. The players who asked the question then gets to choose the answer they like best. They then give the person who submitted the best answer the black card. Whoever has the most black cards at the end of the game wins. This game is very engaging and can go on for hours!



Who doesn’t love a good game of charades? All you need is a basket with the categories for the charades. You can play in teams or have each person take a turn. They must then act out the suggestion on the card without speaking. Whoever guesses correctly wins and then goes next! You can act out song titles, book titles, movie titles, quotes and so on!

Keep in mind that these games are also good ideas for engagement party games.

Best Bachelor Party Games Without Alcohol

Remember, you are planning the bachelor party games for the groom, so the groom does not drink, you need to find some games that do not involve drinking. This does not mean you can not have fun! There are plenty of entertaining games that you can play that do not include drinking.

Here are some fun bachelor party games without alcohol:

Never Again


Download a free example!

In this game, each player will use scraps of paper to write things that the groom will no longer be able to do once he is wed. Then someone has to read them aloud and the groom has to guess who wrote which item. Some suggestions are:

  • Never again will you be able to leave the toilet seat up
  • Never again shall you go to a strip club
  • And so forth.

Scavenger Hunt


Download a free example!

You do not have to drink to have a fun scavenger hunt. You can make a list of items that are more wholesome than you would for a party that included drinking. Here are some suggestions:

  • A menu from the restaurant where the happy couple went on their first date
  • Trivia questions about the bride and groom
  • Photo from the place where the groom proposed

Bachelor Jeopardy


Download a free example!

Bachelor Jeopardy is always a fun game. Similar to bachelor bingo, you would comprise a series of questions about the bachelor. But instead of asking the group the questions, you would write the answers on a board similar to the popular game show Jeopardy under various categories. You would then call on a guest to pick a category, and they would then have to come up the correct question that corresponds with that answer. This is a great way to see how well everyone knows the groom. The female version of this game is one of the most popular bachelorette party games as well.

We hope you have found some great ideas for bachelor party games from our list! Good luck planning the bachelor party and have a fun (and safe) evening!

Check out our website for an idea for everything from wedding gift ideas to wedding entertainment!

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50+ Bridal Shower Gifts She Will Love & Etiquette Tips Sun, 12 Jun 2022 08:05:13 +0000 Original content: 50+ Bridal Shower Gifts She Will Love & Etiquette Tips

What kind of gifts are given at a bridal shower? Are bridal shower gifts just for the bride, or it can be for the couple? When will a gift be […]

The post 50+ Bridal Shower Gifts She Will Love & Etiquette Tips appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: 50+ Bridal Shower Gifts She Will Love & Etiquette Tips

What kind of gifts are given at a bridal shower? Are bridal shower gifts just for the bride, or it can be for the couple? When will a gift be given to the her, and what exactly is appropriate to give?

Your head is going to explode from all this questions soon? Slow down and keep calm! We have all you need to know about bridal shower gifts in our article. So, shrug off your nervousness and just keep reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should You Spend On a Bridal Shower Gift?

Can I give cash as a bridal shower gift?

Should I send a gift if I can’t attend?

Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette

What kind of gifts are given at a bridal shower?

Are separate gifts required for the bridal shower and the wedding?

Should I bring the bridal shower gift with me or send it via the registry?

Will the bride open my gift in front of everyone?

Should the hosts of the bridal shower give the gift?

Discover the most thoughtful bridal shower gifts for the bride-to-be. You can’t go wrong with this guide on bridal shower etiquette.

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 20$

Ring Holder


Ring holder is a safe point for the couple to keep their rings when they have to take it off around the house.

Who will like: For the organized couple.
Where to buy: Concrete ring cone by Vivaljo on Etsy.
Price: $6.50

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Stylish Passport Case


A passport case is one that the bride will use countless times. They suit travel and work. Glam up her passport with a befitting case.

Who will love: The bride who wants to protect her passport.
Where to buy: Leather Passport Holder Covers Case on Amazon.
Price: $9.99

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Home Doormat


A home doormat will serve the couple and everyone coming to the home to dust their feet with. This is ideal for the couple just setting up their home.

Who will like: For the homely couple.
Where to buy: Hello Coir Outdoor Mat on Walmart.
Price: $11.44

Personalized Glassware


As unique bridal shower gifts for her go, personalized glassware rates are high. It is beautiful to see something that carries her signature amongst her possessions. Something that’s for her.

Who will like: The bride who loves monogrammed glassware.
Where to buy: Personalized Wedding Shot Glassware from Etsy.
Price: $12.99

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Bridal Emergency Kit


This emergency kit contains everything item that a bride will need to salvage minor situations on her big day. Wardrobe malfunctions, a cut, smeared makeup and all.

Who will like: The bride who loves to stay prepared.
Where To Buy: Yacanna wedding survival kit on Amazon.
Price: $13.99

Chic Bracelet


A bracelet will adorn her wrists and put a smile on her face and strengthen your bond, knowing you gifted them to her. Your best friend.

Who will like: The trendy bride.
Where to buy: Gold Bar Bracelet Monogram on Etsy.
Price: $14.40

Mr. & Mrs. Ring Disht


A ring dish is a stylish way to keep rings in view when they are not in use without creating clutter or misplacing the rings.

Who will like: A couple who love orderliness and style.
Where to buy: The Paisley Mr. and Mrs. Ring dish from Etsy
Price: $15.00

Engraved Hammert


This gift is a reminder of the journey they want to begin. You save the couple money from buying a hammer to use around the house.

Who will like: The handy couple.
Where to buy: Personalized Engraved Hammer Amazon.
Prices: $18.95

Chocolate Basket Set


Chocolates can get enjoyed at the bridal shower or serve as a snack for the bride before bed. Some sweet decadence won’t go amiss.

Who will like: The sweet-toothed bride.
Where to buy: Chocolate Treasures Gourmet Food Gift Basket on Eatsy.
Price: $19.95

Cozy Blanket


Blankets are ideal bridal shower gifts for a bride who has everything. She relaxes, eases off stress and gets all warmed up on cold days.

Who will like: Every bride that loves comfort.
Where to buy: Martex super soft fleece blanket on Walmart.
Price: $19.95

Continue the sentence I think the best bridal shower gift is?

Anonymous quiz

  • something sentimental (photos, personalized items, etc.)
  • something practical (outfits, goods for home, etc.)
  • something for having fun (games, bridal staff, etc.)
  • money

Vote to see results

Continue the sentence I think the best bridal shower gift is?

something sentimental (photos, personalized items, etc.)
44.52 %
something practical (outfits, goods for home, etc.)
33.33 %
something for having fun (games, bridal staff, etc.)
13.52 %
8.62 %
Voted : 429

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 30$

Mixing Bowl Set


The mixing bowl is a must-have for the bride who loves to cook. It gives her a medium to mix condiments for every time she cooks.

Who will like: The bride who loves to cook and bake.
Where to buy: Pyrex mixing bowl set on Amazon.
Price: $20.82

LightBox Decor


Create your own marquee and cinema indoors with a lightbox decor. This will bring more light and warmth to the home.

Who will like: The bride who loves brightness indoors.
Where to buy: Cinematic lightbox with letters on Amazon.
Price: $20.99

Funny Apron


These funny aprons will prove useful for couples who love to cook. The funny inscriptions will give them a nice time while at it.

Who will like it: For the couple who loves to cook.
Where to buy: My cooking is a good apron on Amazon.
Price: $22.99

Travel Jewelry Kit


A travel jewelry kit is a great way to carry her jewelry lightweight without taking so much space. It will also keep the pieces of jewelry safe.

Who will like: The beauty-conscious and stylish bride.
Where to buy: Case elegance vegan leather travel jewelry kit on Amazon.
Price: $25.77

I Do, Me Too Cups


Couples can take their beverages and bond while at it. Durable mugs that emphasize the beauty of vows.

Who will like: A romantic couple.
Where to buy: I do, me too cups by linhongbing on Amazon.
Price: $26.99

Wedding Dress Hanger


A wedding dress hanger is the best protection for a wedding dress. Whether in the closet or hanging out, the dress stays cute without a rumpling. This is also ideal for taking great pictures of the wedding dress. You’d be getting smiles from the bride.

Who will like: The very organized bride.
Where to buy: White Wood Pink Wire engraved with the bride on Walmart.
Price: $27.99

Cheese Knives


It’s a great idea for the bride to be gifts. For a bride who loves cheese, this will be of consistent use in the home.

Who will love: This is for the bride that loves cheese.
Where to buy: Hammer Stahl 5-Inch Cheese and Tomato Knife Walmart.
Price: $29.95

Agate Coaster Set


These glass coaster set are inexpensive party gifts that keep the dining table void of vapor marks. It is ideal for the home of a new couple as they may entertain more guests.

Who will like: The couple who loves to maintain neat dining.
Where to buy: Agate Coaster Set of 4 on Amazon.
Price: $29.99

Bath Salts Gift Set


This is a stress-relieving set for brides. Help brides ease off the stress before, during, and after the wedding.

Who will like: The bride who loves a healthy skin
Where to buy: Relax bath salts set on Amazon
Price: $29.99

Modern Vases


This is a way to complement the decor of houses by bringing nature indoors. They are beautiful with great aesthetic presence.

Who will like: The stylish bride.
Where to buy: Foundation vases on
Price: $29.99

Spa Gift Set


The bride will have a great time relaxing and feeling good at the end of her spa session. Help her preserve her pre-wedding and post-wedding glow.

Who will like: The bride who loves to feel good.
Where to buy: Lovery spa gift set on Amazon.
Price: $29.99

Subscription Box


Surprise her by giving her a bridal subscription box! First of all, this little extra will give her even more thrill of anticipation! What can be more pleasant than a surprisingly fun set of various wedding items? Such a gift will show her that you care and understand how hard the wedding preparations can be. Ease it a little bit with a Miss to Mrs Bridal subscription box. A lot of new brides are a bit overwhelmed with the amount of planning ahead. This set can help her and make the preparations more pleasant. She will definitely need all the items, and the box can give her some wedding inspiration!

These can be a bridal shower gift from bridesmaids as they are personal. This will save the bride some cash in getting a Miss to Mrs. Bridal subscription box. Just pick a package she will love, from reading to gourmets or beauty and she’d get continuous supplies.

Who will like: The bride that loves a good time.
Where to buy: Bridal subscription box by Miss To Mrs Box
Price: $29.99

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 40$

Day to Remember Print


These prints are custom-made and contain a couple of pictures and wedding dates. A perfect reminder of the day they sealed their love.

Who will like: A romantic couple that wants to preserve their special date.
Where to buy: Day to remember print by danaraedesignsit on Etsy.
Price: $39.99

His and Hers Coffee Spoons


These spoons are durable and will put a smile on their couple’s face every time they stir their coffee.

Who will like: A couple who are coffee lovers.
Where to buy: His coffee, her coffee spoons on Etsy.
Price: $30.00

Memory Box


Memory boxes are ideal bridal shower gifts for couples as they can save all their memories in it. From the beginning of their relationship, baby’s first tooth till they grow old.

Who will like: The couple that treasured keepsakes.
Where to buy: Wood rustic memory box on Etsy.
Price: $31.96

Candle Holder Set


These candle holders can pass as bridal shower gifts for the bride who has everything. They would hold candles to give the home a mild and calm glow.

Who will like: The couple who love relaxation and romance.
Where to buy: American atelier candle holder set of 3 on Amazon.
Price: From $34,99

Jewelry Box


The bride will keep all her pieces of jewelry safe in this stylish jewelry box.

Who will like: The modern and stylish bride.
Where to buy: Musical jewelry box on Amazon.
Price: $34.99

Cutting Board for Couple


Cutting boards for couples enable them to cook and bond at the same time.

Who will love: The couple who cooks together.
Where to buy: Personalized engraved couple cutting board on Etsy.
Price: $37.00

Mr. & Mrs. Frame


Personalized couple frames and pictures will adorn the homes of newlyweds, reminding them of their love.

Who will like: A romantic couple.
Where to buy: Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Picture frame on Etsy.
Price: $39.99



There is nothing more appealing than retiring to soft, skin-friendly, and welcoming bed sheets at the end of a long day. She will love this one.

Who will like: The bride who has everything and loves comfort.
Where to buy: Chic home illusion 6pc queen sheet set from Macy’s.
Price: $39.09

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 50$

Bath Accessories


Modern bathroom accessories will enhance and make the bathroom experience more relaxing and fun.

Who will like: The bride who loves a stylish bathroom
Where to buy: Capiz bathroom ensemble for bedbathandbeyond.
Price: $45.00

Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Flutes


A matching pair of champagne flutes is a beautiful sight for when couples take champagne or a having a toast.

Who will like: Couples who will toast to everything.
Where to buy: Engraved twisted stem champagne flutes on Amazon.
Price: $48.99

Personalized Cake Server


A personalized cake server is one of the best engagement party gifts as it’s a necessity for weddings. She will thank you for saving her the stress of to shop for that.

Who will like: The bride who will cut a wedding cake.
Where to buy: Olympic 2-piece set cake server on crateandbarrel.
Price: $49.95

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 60$



They keep books arranged by holding them in place and making the area tidy. This is even a great way to preserve books.

Who will like: The bride who loves to read
Where to buy: Bicycle bookends, a pair on Wayfair.
Price: $54.99

Personalized Guestbook


This is one of the most inexpensive bridal shower gifts you can get for a bride. She gets to emboss her name on her guest book, have guests sign into it at her wedding and keeping it safe.

Who will like: The bride who wants to keep a recorded souvenir of guests from the wedding.
Where to buy: Vintage lace guestbook from Eatsy.
Price: $57.63

Flower Basket


Gift the bride some flowers for her home as a sign of your love. Most brides could use these natural flowers for bouquets if it fits their theme.

Who will love: The nature-loving bride
Where to buy: Garden so sweet flower basket by flowersbylesa.
Price: $59.99

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 70$

Pearl Clutch


A bride would love this clutch for evening parties and formal affairs. A way to complete her outfit and step out in style.

Who will like: The elegant bride.
Where to buy: White Pearl Wedding Clutch on eBay.
Price: $63.20

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 80$

Wine Set


A wine set can come in handy at the bridal shower, the wedding or after the wedding. What’s a toast without good wine? Wines are unique bridal shower gifts for bridal showers and couples.

Who will like: The bride who loves to relax and have a good time.
Where to buy: Wine Lovers Trio Gift Box
Price: $75,68

Family Name Serving Tray


This is a gift that the bride will use even after the wedding, for every time she hosts an event in her home. They come with names and initials.

Who will like: A bride who hosts regularly.
Where to buy: Round wood tray with a name on Etsy.
Price: $79.00

Sexy Sleepwear


Your best friend will sleep in style and comfort, feeling the sensual decadence of her sexy sleepwear. It can only come from a best friend.

Who will like: The sensual bride.
Where to buy: The satin PJ by Victoria secrets.
Price: $79.95

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 90$

Sand Set for a Wedding ceremony


A symbol of their oneness, love, and unity fixed in their home after the wedding will keep their love strong. Wedding shower gift ideas that serve as reminders of their own.

Who will love: The unity wedding couple.
Where to buy: Cathy’s concept sand set shadow box set for a wedding on Amazon.
Price: From $85

Wine Chiller


This is a worthy gift that won’t outlive its use because it comes in handy at events and the home. The couple can keep their wines constantly chilled.

Who will like: The couple that entertains often.
Where to buy: Wine enthusiast double-walled bottle chiller on Amazon.
Price: $89.95

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 100$

Personalized Necklace


A personalized necklace is a bridal shower gift for the bride that will serve as keepsake. It holds sentimental and shows that a lot of thought was put into the gift. She will wear it everywhere.

Who will like: The sentimental bride.
Where to buy: Kate spade 12k gold plated initials pendant necklace on Macy’s.
Price: $95.00

Infinity Canvas


This is a lasting infinity canvas to always remind the couple that they are bound together forever. They can place this above their beds. A beautiful sight to wake up to.

Who will like: The romantic bride.
Where to buy: Infinity sign by canvas vows on Etsy.
Price: $99

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 200$

Grow Old with Me Wine Barrel Clock


A clock as old as time is a perfect representation of how their love will grow old, stronger, and sweeter.

Who would like: The sentimental bride.
Where to buy: Grow old with me wine barrel clock on
Price: $124.09



For a stylish, glamour and comfortable honeymoon travel, a piece of cute luggage is best.

Who will like: The modern traveler bride.
Where to buy: Legacy 4-Pc. Luggage Set at Macy’s.
Price: $152.99

Canvas with Love Poem


A perfect platform to put down all the love they feel in their hearts for each other. Ideal for house decor.

Who will like: The romantic bride
Where to buy: Poem large canvas by OCCanvas studio on Etsy.
Price: 160,65 $

SPA Session


Help the bride who has everything relax from the stress of planning her wedding with a spa session.

Who will like: The modern bride who loves to relax.
Where to buy: Facial and massage package at Bliss spa.
Price: From $169

Bridal Shower Gifts Under 500$

Honeymoon Essentials


If you are on ‘team gift’ the best engagement gifts congratulate the couple. A honeymoon is essential to help the couple preserve as many memories of good times through pictures.

Who will like: The bride that wants to have a fun honeymoon.
Where to buy: Go Pro Hero on Amazon.
Price: $279

Cashmere Long Robe


They are soft, warm, indulgent, and comfortable dressing robes for the bride. She could rock this on her wedding morning.

Who will like: The stylish bride.
Where to buy: Cashmere long robes from white&warren
Price: $498

Date Night


This is a way to intensify the bond they share.

Who will like: The romantic couple who loves time out together.
Where to buy: Look out for movies, restaurants, or musicals they love to visit and get them a ticket for two.
Price: Within a reasonable budget.

Helpful Tips To Give The Best Gift

Sometimes the best gifts are given on a hunch. For instance, if you’re getting last-minute bridal shower gifts and don’t have much time to choose. Think of a gift that would tie in with the theme of the shower. For instance, for ‘naught but nice’, you could get naughty lingerie in a cute color.

  • Discover the registry
    Another option; is just to go through the bride’s registry. Armed with your budget, you should find a gift that would work for your pocket and for the bride.
  •  Ask other guests what they’re gifting
    To get more ideas for bridal shower gifts, you could ask fellow guests what they’re getting for inspiration. If you are close to any of the guests, finding out what they’re bringing could help you decide what to get as well.
  •  Ask her parents or future spouse
    Don’t hesitate to ask the bride’s future spouse or parents what they think she would like as a gift. These are the people that know her the most and would appreciate your efforts to find unique bridal shower gifts for the bride.

This is a great post to get ideas for bridal shower gifts that would have the bride beaming. We made the job easier by creating a list of 55 popular, but unique bridal shower gifts for couples. Whether you are a bridesmaid, a best friend, a colleague, or a relative, this is your ultimate list of bridal shower gift ideas. What’s more, they are affordable and cheap bridal shower gifts with the right etiquette to go with them. Make picks to suit your budget!

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Best Engagement Party Cakes Ideas And Tips Sat, 26 Mar 2022 15:08:43 +0000 Original content: Best Engagement Party Cakes Ideas And Tips

Wedding cakes are given at weddings, but engagement party cakes have also become a thing in recent times. Couples want to celebrate their impending nuptials, and what better way than […]

The post Best Engagement Party Cakes Ideas And Tips appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: Best Engagement Party Cakes Ideas And Tips

Wedding cakes are given at weddings, but engagement party cakes have also become a thing in recent times. Couples want to celebrate their impending nuptials, and what better way than to feature a beautiful cake? But first, you must consider your theme and the number of guests as it determines the size and style.

Art deco, cookies rustic, almost naked, donuts, cupcakes, and more are desserts and cakes for engagement party options. See more engagement party cake ideas and appetizers perfect for your theme and personality in the post below.

Engagement Party Cakes Ideas

Going by theme, style, detailing, color and embellishments, see stylish ideas for engagement party cakes below to keep you inspired.

Best engagement party dessert is?

Anonymous quiz

  • 2-3 layered cake
  • cupcakes
  • macarons
  • homemade pie

Vote to see results

Best engagement party dessert is?

2-3 layered cake
71.63 %
21.49 %
5.79 %
homemade pie
1.10 %
Voted : 363

Art-deco cake

Showcase the wild feel of art deco engagement party theme on your cake. Give the guests a vibe of what you’re about. This cake is perfect for a bold, dramatic and colorful styled party and cake for the gothic couple.

Flower cake

Are you a couple that loves detailed beauty? Or you want to show off some refined style? Make a cake fully embellished with sugar crafted roses in multiple colors. For some elegance, use flowers for the engagement party cake toppers.

Engagement cake with gold

For a sophisticated couple with a class, the gold color is a treasure. Drip class on your engagement party cake by featuring the gold color. It gives the cake an extra touch of sass and presence. Use for crafting or embellishments.

White engagement cake

Are you a nerdy laid back couple? Do you want your guests to see the purity of your love? A white engagement cake will tell the story perfectly. It is also eye-catching that it compliments your engagement party decor.

Simple party cake

If you don’t need all the drama associated with too many details at your party, extend the gesture to your cake. Keep your cake effortless and simple with little or no detailing. As we all know, there’s beauty in simplicity.

Rustic cake

Are you a couple with love for everything rustic? Do you want to feel the spirit of your rustic wedding already? Bliss up your engagement party cake with a rustic vibe. This cake is simple, with an appearance of understated elegance.

Minimalistic cake for an engagement party

Nothing exceptionally huge or bogus? No problem! You can ooze chic and class effortlessly with a minimalistic engagement cake. Let your cake reflect your minimalistic personality and style. From the taste to size, color, embellishment, detailing, and styling. Stay refined.

Almost naked cake

This beautiful cake is a classic tease cake for the fun-loving couple. Keep it almost naked and give the guests a sneak peek of what’s to come. It’s symbolic. Style with a thin dust of icing and floral cake toppers.

Unique modern cake

Dare to be different by switching up your engagement party cake with a modern vibe. Dig into your personality and get creative. Play with shapes, styles, colors, abstracts, and details. Let your guests marvel at the novel beauty of your cake.

Grey and gold

Grey and gold is a stunning color palette for mystery, affluence, and elegance. With a personality like this, give your cake and theme a feel. Give your guests something to think about when they set eyes on the statement cake.

Engagement Party Cupcakes And Cookies

Engagement party appetizers and cupcakes are the highlights of engagement parties. See refreshing ideas to try out for your day.

Simple cupcakes

Simple engagement party cupcakes are amazing options for the laid back couple without drama. No stylish toppings, no weird flavors, keep it simple. Let guests enjoy the old traditional cupcakes as they appeal to the palates of everyone present.


For the couple who are unconventional, dare some more by skipping cakes and desserts. Build a Donut wall at your engagement party with these yummy donuts. This is something inspiring and different. You’d give engagement party refreshments a facelift.

Cookies with a date

A sweet tooth couple who wants to leave some personal touch? Then your guests deserve a treat of these Mediterranean inspired date cookies. Guests can’t be merrier with these buttery, tasty, chewy, sweet, nutty and completely irresistible bundle of goodness.

Stylish cupcakes

These engagement party cupcakes are well-packed with a mega punch of personality! Peanut butter and jelly, pink velvet, blueberry crumbs, vanilla with chocolate buttercream, caramel pecan carrots and more are amazing options. Present these treats as your engagement party appetizers.

Vintage-themed cookies

If you’re gunning for a modern wedding, but you want to preserve the classics, use vintage-themed cookies. Beautiful flowers, wedding dress, heart, diamond ring, and other cute shape cookies are classic hits. Play with blue, white, and pink colors.

Luxury cupcakes

Give your party a wow factor with some luxury cupcakes. Excite their taste buds with assortments like black forest, rocky cupcakes, luxurious raspberry, white chocolate, and other sweet dripping treats. A little taste of luxury will forever stay with guests.

Mason jar cookies

Cookies in mason jars are awesome ways to add sophistication to your party. Perfect for appetizers and even gifts, the options to this are endless. Chocolate chips, cookie mix, buttered toffee oatmeal, fudge peppermint crinkle, etc., leave the guests happy.

Ice cream cake pops

A taste of spring and summer in view, ice cream cake pops offer a taste of heaven. These decadent pops are whimsical and fun, making them a perfect addition to your party. Fill the base with your most favored candies or skittles.

Trendy cake balls

Sweet toothsome cake balls for the fun-loving couple. A trendy appetizer that’s fast taking over conventional cakes. Chocolate, berries, classic vanilla, and pumpkin. Cheesecake flavored cake balls are fabulous choices. Pick and eat, easy and neat; all day.

Cake pops

Have a taste of heaven with cake pops. These bite-sized cuties are very handy, no plates needed. They are awesome appetizer options for your engagement party. Ask your baker to fill the tiny pops with your favorite cake flavor.

Engagement Party Cake Toppers

With your impending nuptials, excitement is in the air. Let the guests on it with telling engagement party cake toppers.

“We’re so engaged” cake topper

You don’t mind showing off to the guests a little loud? Tell them your current status by flagging the “we’re so engaged” cake topper on your cake. Check out Amazon and Etsy for some of the most beautiful cake toppers.

“Engaged” party cake topper

It’s your engagement party, so let your cake pass the message. Adorn your beautiful cake with the engagement party topper of your choice. Hearts, the bride and groom sugar pictures, ring, or just a message saying “we’re engaged” are fab options.

“Hooray” engagement party cake topper

Your engagement is a celebratory event, and you can as well extend it to the cake. It’s much fun. With a hooray engagement party cake topper, everyone gets in the spirit of celebration. It’s simple, optimistic and makes a statement.

Love cake sign

Hopeless romantic much? Use a love cake signage for the topper. It’s in no small measure that portrays the romance in the air and love you share. Let guests go home with a feel of the love you share with your beloved.

Engagement Party Dessert Table Ideas

The featuring of dessert tables at engagement parties is a trendy and welcome move. See the amazing ideas for your party.

Greenery-themed dessert table

Transform your dessert table and give it some brightness by incorporating some greenery. Beautiful for the outdoors, stick to the theme by introducing greenery wreath, and centerpieces. They bring on some pop of color. Add a complementary table runner for effect.

Chic engagement dessert table

The enjoyment options on a chic engagement dessert table are endless. Enjoy sweet cupcakes and cake balls. You can ditch the cake for donuts and cookies, or enjoy candies, brownies and fruit-filled varieties. You can also have it all.

Pink and white dessert table ideas

From cupcakes to donuts, cake pops, candies, cookies, and brownies, to toppings there are numerous ways to feature pink and whites. You can also complement with an all-white cake and pink colored centerpieces. Finish with brightly colored floral arrangements.

Engagement party cakes are one of the fun ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Get them in varieties such as almost naked, rustic, classic colors, floral style, art deco and more. Engagement party appetizers are also important to awaken your taste bud, and we have amazing ideas in the post. Trending donut walls, cookies, cupcakes, cake balls, cake pops and more to wow your guests. Finish up with decadent desserts and dessert table ideas programmed to leave your palates satiated.

Main photo: shicpicphotography

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33 Bridal Shower Favors For Any Budget Mon, 01 Feb 2021 08:24:47 +0000 Original content: 33 Bridal Shower Favors For Any Budget

Bridal shower favors are a fast-growing trend with modern brides. It’s a way to appreciate guests for taking out their times to celebrate and shower you with gifts. They could […]

The post 33 Bridal Shower Favors For Any Budget appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: 33 Bridal Shower Favors For Any Budget

Bridal shower favors are a fast-growing trend with modern brides. It’s a way to appreciate guests for taking out their times to celebrate and shower you with gifts. They could range from beauty essentials to personalized items, ornaments, services, spices, and more. In the end, the thought is what matters.

However, there are few things to consider when deliberating on bridal shower gifts for guests. They include cost, your taste, and its appeal. With this aspect locked down, take a look at our guide list of bridal shower giveaway ideas. There’s something for everyone, regardless of your taste and budget.

We’ve also answered all your questions, including a bonus part on the etiquette of bridal showers.

Brides Often Ask

What is the difference between a wedding shower and a bridal shower?

Do you do party favors for a bridal shower?

How much should you spend on bridal shower favors?

Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Showers

For every event, there are etiquettes and that includes bridal showers. See some bridal shower dos and don’ts to guide you against errors.

  • DON’T: Have Favors out of Obligation
    Favors are nice and thoughtful additions to your bridal shower, but you aren’t obligated. If you cannot afford to offer some due to your budget, then it’s okay. The attendees are your loved ones, and we’re sure that your good news is the best gift for them.
  • DON’T: Make Your Own Edible Favors
    Two things to consider before opting for edible favors are time constraint and freshness. Choosing edible favors means that they must be made and packaged a day before the event. You could get really busy preparing that you’d not have time to do this. So delegate or outsource this task to professionals or family and friends.
  • DO: Choose Something Meaningful
    If it’s not meaningful, then it’s not worth it. So choose favors that will create a lasting impact. This could range from bridal luncheon favors to basic arts, crafts, or anything else you can afford. It has to be something that means a lot to you and the guests.
  • DO: Choose Something Useful
    Useful favors, even though cheap, will never leave the memory of your guests. Pick out things that they can use like candles for relaxation, keepsakes, spices, succulents, etc.
  • DO: Include a Sweet Note
    Whether you’ve given favors or not, it is mandatory that you give cute notes to guests. Appreciate them for coming to celebrate with you, and remind them they are valuable.
  • DO: Choosing gifts in accordance with each bridesmaid’s taste
    Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Get your bridesmaids to come up with unique and cheap bridal shower favor ideas. Buy a few of their choices and surprise everyone with them.
  • DO: Consider Presentation and Distribution of Your Favors
    A beautiful way to present and distribute wedding favors is by making access easy. As such, place them in baskets on the tables or create a strategic point where everyone can pick from.

What statement is about you?

Anonymous quiz

  • I will buy ready-made favors
  • I prefer making favors myself

Vote to see results

What statement is about you?

I will buy ready-made favors
64.80 %
I prefer making favors myself
35.20 %
Voted : 125

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

We’ve compiled an extensive list of beautiful bridal shower gifts for guests. They fall well within different price ranges, wedding themes, and functionality.

For Practical Brides

Thinking of cheap bridal shower favor ideas that are also useful to your guests? See some options below.

  • Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are unique bridal shower favors perfect for the times we’re in. It’s perfect for the modern themed bridal shower. Keep them at a focal point where they can be picked up or put in bags at the table. Remind your guests to stay safe and protected by offering them sanitizers as favors.

  • Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

For romantic themed bridal showers, heart-shaped measuring spoons are great! They come in a beautiful shape and will be helpful in the kitchen. This serves as a perfect reminder of your event.
Buy here
Price: $10.58

  • Pashmina Shawl

Make a statement at your winter bridal shower with some pashmina shawls. You can get these pieces specifically for your bridesmaids or the whole girl gang. They will use it for a very long time after the pre-wedding feast.
Buy here
Price: $3.94

  • Personalized Whisk

Personalized whisks are beautiful favors for a traditional themed bridal shower. This gift is a creative one, coming from a bride that loves to cook. Personalize them by inscribing cute quotes or pictures on them. If your guest list is small, you can have their names engraved in their whisks.
Buy here
Price: $15.95

  • Heart Cork Coasters

Cork coasters are staples in almost every home, but we think heart cork coasters are divine. They’re whimsical themed bridal shower worthy. Make wining a clean experience for your guests every time they use coasters in heart shape.
Buy here
Price: $9.99

Creative Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

The creative bridal shower favor ideas are out of the box. They are useful, meaningful, and environmentally friendly.

  • Heart Bottle Opener

Help your guests make their celebratory moments unforgettable with heart-shaped bottle openers. They are beautiful additions to a romance themed bridal shower. These bottle openers are cute, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.
Buy here
Price: $60.00

  • White Pine Seedling

White pine seedlings are good bridal shower gifts for a coastal themed affair. Guests can plant them in their gardens and watch them grow. Guests with green thumbs will appreciate this unique favor. It becomes an eternal reminder of the beautiful day you shared.
Buy here
Price: $6.50

  • Wildflower Seeds Favors

Wildflower seed favors are beautiful, easy to handle, and perfect for an eco-friendly themed bridal shower. These flowers are so beautiful that they can sit in guest’s lounges, hallways, and even bedrooms. You’d be helping guests create a more relaxing ambiance in their homes.
Buy here
Price: $100.00

Beauty and Care Bridal Shower Gifts

One interesting way to make a statement at your bridal shower is by upgrading guests’ self-care regimen. See some beauty and care bridal shower gift ideas.

  • Lip Balm

Sweet-smelling lip balms are great favors for glam themed bridal showers. Give your girl gang something to keep their lips succulent, especially during winter. They’re also useful for touching up at work, dates, and fun outings.
Buy here
Price: $1.99

  • Rose Soap

Take up your guests’ skin regimen a notch by gifting them refreshing rose soaps. This favor is ideal for country style bridal shower. With every wash, you’ll always be on their minds. They are budget-friendly, beneficial, and with beautiful scents.
Buy here
Price: $32.85

  • Soothing Lavender Salts

Make bathing time an unforgettable experience by gifting them these fun bridal shower favors. If you’re going for a chic themed bridal shower, all the better. These salts are relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating. Bath time will never be the same.
Buy here
Price: $20.00

  • Pure Aura Cosmic Shimmer Sheet Mask

Looking good is good business they say. How about you make your girls look fantastic with the Pure Aura Cosmic Shimmer Sheet Mask? This glam themed bridal shower favors will keep their faces detoxed long after your event.
Buy here
Price: $5.99

  • Nail Lacquer

Nail lacquers are thoughtful industrial-chic bridal shower favors. The elegant and fashion-forward bride will present her girls with a cute assortment of colors for them to experiment with.
Buy here
Price: $12.00

Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors

Inexpensive bridal shower favors can also be heartfelt, practical, and beautiful. See some cheap bridal shower favor ideas below.

  • Champagne Flutes for Bridal Shower

For fun themed bridal showers, champagne flutes are perfect. Engrave them with cute quotes of your choice and give each guest a set. You may also buy them in an assortment of colors. This will help them make every celebration a hit.
Buy here
Price: $20.77

  • Succulent Planter Favor

If you’re an environmental enthusiast, succulent planter favors are meaningful yet inexpensive gifts for guests. They are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and very easy to use. These planters will come in handy for guests with green thumbs to plant their succulents. This is a useful memento to the guests from your event.
Buy here
Price: $19.8

  • Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are cheap bridal shower favor ideas for a destination themed affair. These travel tags are fashionable and will help them easily identify their luggage. You can opt for luggage tags on their shapes or colors of your favorite countries. You may also engrave them with your wedding hashtag or bridal shower date.
Buy here
Price: $4.75

  • Hair Ties

For an all-girls party, hair ties as bridal shower favors are cute. They’re perfectly suited for casual bridal shower events, like playing the bridal shower bingo. Shop for them in your favorite cartoons, colors, quotes, or pictures. The girls will think of you anytime they have to hold their hair in place with your ties.
Buy here
Price: $18.97

  • Hot Cocoa Tube

Serve up tasty goodness at winter-themed bridal showers with hot cacao tubes. The beautiful part is getting them for under $4. Everyone loves hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, and more. Give everyone a nice time with your own creation of treats at your event.
Buy here
Price: $12.00

Tasty Party Favors

There’s no party without some exotic treats. For the sweet-toothed guests, here are some tasty bridal shower favor ideas.

  • Jars of Jam

Jars of jam for rustic themed bridal showers are a hit. There are many flavors to choose from apple butter to apple pie jam, BlackBerry orange marmalade, etc. If you want something a little more earthly, the old fashioned BlackBerry jam or cantaloupe preserves with cinnamon will work magic on your guests.
Buy here
Price: $178.95

  • Creative Lollipop Bridal Shower Favors

Go creative with fun bridal shower favors by offering lollipops. They are one of the best gifts for flirty bridal shower themes. Opt for a lollipop assortment like Chupa-Chups, clear toy candy, dum-dum pop, tootsie pops, whistle pops, and more. You can also go for exotic flavors that will wow your guests.
Buy here
Price: $18.00

  • Heart Favor Boxes Filled With Candies

Present candies in heart-shaped boxes to the girls at your romance themed bridal shower. Make the candies in different flavors and have the fun of your lives. The heart boxes show the symbol of love and the moment you’re celebrating. Guests can munch them right there or snack on them at home.
Buy here
Price: $10.00

  • Sweet Mini Meringues Bridal Shower Favors

Traditional themed bridal showers are incomplete without mini meringues. They are also cheap and a hit with everyone. This is the perfect one for the road snack that guests will enjoy.
Buy here
Price: $12.00

  • Champagne and Prosecco Gummy Candy

Give the girls the time of their lives at your luxury themed bridal shower. Champagne and prosecco gummy candies are the perfect mock wine bridal shower favors.
Buy here
Price: $6.00

Personalized Gift Ideas

Personalized bridal shower gift ideas are thoughtful and heartfelt focused on each guest. See some ideas to choose from.

  • Bridal Shower Wine Glasses

Formal themed bridal showers are the best events to give out wine glasses. Engrave them with the initials of your guests or their names if you can. You can also leave your engraved signature on these wine glasses for more personalization. Make them an assortment of colors and styles.
Buy here
Price: $10.35

  • Personalized Playing Cards

Give something to the guests for them to go home with–personalized playing cards. A country wedding theme is just the best event to gift these favors. You can give the cards a cultural tone by stamping on their origins, making the guests feel close to home. Your hand-signed signatures will also look cute on the cards. Personalized cards are also great bridal shower keepsakes.
Buy here
Price: $55.00

  • Personalized Bamboo Chopsticks

Enjoy your traditional or cultural wedding theme with personalized bamboo chopsticks. It becomes more interesting if you’re trying to bring the Asian culture to you. Inscribe these chopsticks with motivational quotes or your initials. They can be useful and aesthetic.
Buy here
Price: $0.50

  • Engraved Wooden Spoon

Vintage bridal shower favors may never get richer than engraved wooden spoons. For kitchen lovers, this memento will serve for cooking, dishing food, and as keepsakes. They’re also inexpensive. Personalize them by having your bridal shower date or signature engraved on them.
Buy here
Price: $2.98

  • Sign Compact Mirror

Sign compact mirrors are thoughtful favors for a fun themed bridal shower. They’re portable and your guests can take them everywhere with them. Buy them in bulk and sign off on them for more personalization.
Buy here
Price: $38.65

DIY Bridal Shower Favors

DIY bridal shower favor ideas have a personal touch and homely flavor to them. See options for homemade bridal shower favors that we’ve put together.

  • DIY Tea Blend Favors

Bring your tea recipes to your rustic themed bridal shower. The girls will appreciate your DIY tea blend favors for their morning relaxation. Curate the tea in different flavors and watch them thank you for it.
Buy here
Price: $43.00

  • DIY Sweets Bag

Stuff handmade bags with different sweet treats for the guests. These bags can be easily made out of satin, silk, burlap, or any other material. It’s suitable for rustic, country, industrial chic wedding. Embroider your initials or signatures on them.
Buy here
Price: $ 0.82

  • DIY Personalized Mug

If you are artistic and have the time, make some personalized ceramic mugs for the girls. You can also purchase plain mugs and get creative with them. Splash of colors, signatures, initials, pictures, or whatever else will look beautiful on the mugs. They are great additions to modern themed bridal showers.
Buy here
Price: $ 10.98

  • DIY Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub Favors

Gift your girls something new to exfoliate with at your country bridal shower. Your DIY grapefruit sugar mint scrub is just the perfect favor. This will help them enjoy their spa and bath time.
Buy here
Price: $ 1.50

  • Macarons Favors

Macaroons DIY treats are unique bridal shower favors for rustic themes. Create them with your homemade touch and pack them up with a dose of love. You can include your recipes in the packs so that they can recreate them.
Buy here
Price: $ 4.99

Spread the love around by gifting guests a little something for coming to celebrate with you. Edible treats, keepsakes, succulents, DIY homemade treats are some of the best bridal shower favors. We’ve put up an extensive list that cuts across themes, budget, and personality to choose from. You’ll also get answers to your FAQs plus dos and don’ts of bridal showers. It’s your day, enjoy it and share the love, even as you look forward to your big day.

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Important Engagement Party Etiquette Mon, 07 Dec 2020 12:04:02 +0000 Original content: Important Engagement Party Etiquette

The engagement party is the first of many celebrations before the wedding. It’s a time to share your good news with your friends and family after savoring the moment alone. […]

The post Important Engagement Party Etiquette appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: Important Engagement Party Etiquette

The engagement party is the first of many celebrations before the wedding. It’s a time to share your good news with your friends and family after savoring the moment alone. But just like the wedding, the engagement party needs a thorough and seamless plan. This is where engagement party etiquette becomes essential.

If you’ve never hosted an engagement party, then you want to be careful not to commit a faux pas. There is an engagement party etiquette for guests, invitations, gifts, and more. We’ve put them together to guide you as you plan. You’ll also find answers to all your questions in this etiquette for engagement party guide.

Brides Often Ask

What Happens at an Engagement Party?

Are engagement parties still a thing?

Do you give speeches at an engagement parties?

How many hours should an engagement party be?

Proper Etiquette For An Engagement Party?

The proper etiquette for an engagement party solely depends on you and the mood you want to set. You have to decide on when to throw it, the number of guests, invites, who to host it, etc. This will help you apply the proper rule where necessary, however, it’s all about you.

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When Should You Have An Engagement Party?

It is ideal to have an engagement party three months after the proposal at the latest. You have to think of a cogent reason to bring everyone together. However, if you plan on having a long engagement, you can delay the party a bit and celebrate when you’re ready.


(no email or registration required)

Who Hosts An Engagement Party?

The host of an engagement party is the parents of the bride in the traditional sense. But these days, things are evolving. Couples now choose to host their engagement parties. Also, friends step in to give the couple a surprise party.

Who to Invite an Engagement Party?

If the couple or bride’s parents host the party, then all the nearest and dearest should get invites. But, it is also crucial that you invite only those you want at your wedding. In other words, only potential wedding guests get invites to your engagement party.

Engagement Party Invitation Etiquette

The engagement party invitation etiquette states that you should decide on what kind of party you want to have. If you want a formal affair with full course dinners, send paper invites to your guests. If you’re going for a casual affair, send out e-vites or emails to your guests. Send them out a month in advance.

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How Formal Or Casual Should An Engagement Party Be?

An engagement party can be as formal as a sophisticated dinner, cocktail evening, or black suit event. It can also be as casual as an evening at the beach, club, or backyard setting. The most important fact is that the couple is able to get creative and leave their personal touch.

How To Welcome Guests at the Engagement Party?

A proper engagement party etiquette for guests is to host your party in a huge space. This will give the couple enough room to personally welcome all the guests. The people will want to felicitate with you personally, so give them your time.

Engagement Party Favors Etiquette

Guests coming out to celebrate your new status have given their time and resources. The proper thing to do is to say thank you. There’s no hard and fast rule but observing the engagement party favors etiquette, give something simple. Koozies, pizza cutters, rustic candy packs, bottle holders, etc., are cute gifts.

Should The Host Expect Gifts?

While guests will bring gifts anyway, you shouldn’t expect it. However, set up a wedding registry and include the link on your website. Guests will either take advantage of that or buy gifts through word of mouth. Never ask for gifts outright.

Do’s And Don’ts

  • Do choose your timing well and send your invites out early.
  • Don’t splurge unnecessarily at the party.
  • Do invite-only guests who will be at the wedding.
  • Don’t expect gifts, but keep an open mind.
  • Do welcome the guests personally.
  • Don’t attach your gift registry to engagement party invites.
  • Do keep your engagement party short and interesting.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you to the guests.

Engagement Party Gift Etiquette for Guests

An engagement etiquette for guests to follow when giving gifts is not to feel pressure. Buy budget-friendly engagement gifts like wines, dessert boxes, etc. You can bring it to the party or send it ahead of time.

Even if you aren’t giving the couple a gift, make sure to offer a congratulatory card. The only exception is if you’re very close to the couple. However, remember that you still have to buy the wedding gift, so make sure to spend within budget.

Can’t choose a gift for the couple? Check out our TOP 40 engagement gifts!

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Engagement party etiquette is well-created to help the couple as well as the guests. From who hosts the party to what everyone should expect, we’ve given answers. This guide will inspire you throughout your engagement party planning. Remember, it’s all about you, so enjoy yourself.

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25 Tips On How To Plan a Bachelorette Party In 2023 Sat, 21 Nov 2020 17:55:55 +0000 Original content: 25 Tips On How To Plan a Bachelorette Party In 2023

Feeling a bit overwhelmed after realizing you’re in charge of planning your besties’ bachelorette party? Well, good thing you are here then because we are supplying you with well-thought-out tips […]

The post 25 Tips On How To Plan a Bachelorette Party In 2023 appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: 25 Tips On How To Plan a Bachelorette Party In 2023

Feeling a bit overwhelmed after realizing you’re in charge of planning your besties’ bachelorette party? Well, good thing you are here then because we are supplying you with well-thought-out tips on how to plan a bachelorette party. Follow this party planning guide for the most amazing bridal bash.

Our guide is not strict, and you should be able to personalize according to your timing and party needs.

Whether you’ll be having a fun-packed weekend or a night of enjoyment, our checklist is only here to guide you. If perhaps you are wondering, what do you need for a party, or what’s the main bachelorette party food? By the time you are done with this well-curated starter guide, you should know what to include in your party shopping list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for what at a bachelorette party?

When should you start planning a bachelorette party?

Bachelorette Party Planning Guide infographic is a great tool for helping you plan your party.

Below are some of the details you should keep in mind when planning a bachelorette party.

Three Months Before

Three or more months before the bachelorette party, depending on how much time is available, there are a few things you should do.

  • Speak to the bride: The very first step is to speak to the bride and get a feel of what she might want for her party. Are there any restrictions or rules? Are there certain people she wouldn’t want at her party? Would she prefer a whole weekend or just one night? Also is she averse to the strippers being there or not? You could also find out the type of drinks she would like, location, date, and if no strippers, would scantily clad performers be a good deal, just generally pick her brain.
  • Set a budget: Now that you have an idea of the type of party you’ll be throwing, you can set a budget for it. Consult with the bridesmaids and see how much they can afford to spend on the party. When it has to do with money, it is important that everyone be on the same page, so if possible negotiate until you have an equal amount all around. Keep in mind that the bride doesn’t spend a dime, the costs for the party rely on her wedding party. So, the budget is also a pointer as to the type of party you will be throwing.
  • Set the date: After consulting with the bride and bridesmaids, you should be able to figure out a date that will work for everybody. Some people set a date month before the wedding, some set one for a week or two before the wedding. Members of the party coming from out of town might only be able to make it days before the wedding. So, if you can only find a date for a few days before the d day, then this should work too.
  • Make the guest list: You’ve asked the bride who she might not want at the party, perhaps also who she might want. Does she want a special date at her bachelorette party? This, along with the bridesmaids and any other friends and family members she might want there would give you enough material to create the guest list.

Two Months Before

You have your budget and you have your guest list, all important details when you plan a bachelorette party. Things should be getting much clearer by now, and so here are the things you should be working on two months before the party.

  • Choose a theme: Does not have to be an elaborate themed party. Picking a theme might just involve going with the bride’s favorite color. What this will do is help to inspire you while choosing things like décor and party activities. A theme helps make things easier and helps guide certain important decisions and make them simpler.
  • Save-the-date: Send out save-the-date emails to attendees so that any conflicts of timeline can be quickly resolved. This will help everyone get on the same page, and also help you plan accordingly.
  • Entertainment: Begin to think of games and entertainment, and even party favors for your group. This can be just you, or you and the bridesmaids if you intend to surprise the bride.
  • Logistics: This will also be the time to start ordering tickets and making reservations, especially if the event will be held outside of town. Also, think about transportation details and lodgings.
  • Transportation: Seeing as alcohol might be heavily involved in your party, you will need to decide on the mode of transportation in time. Would it be a party bus, limo, a van, or even car rentals? You would need answers to these questions if you’re to have fun but responsible night.
  • Research: Begin to research the performances for the night, if any.

One Month Before

It’s one month before the party. It’s getting closer, but at least you’ve got certain things done. This is what the picture should look like by the time you have one month left before the bachelorette party.

  • The Bachelorette Party Planner Checklist: Have a checklist that will keep you in line. This bachelorette party to-do list will help you create a timeline for every single thing that needs to be done before the party. Put these tasks in your calendar or print it out and keep it somewhere you can see them.
  • Invitations: send out the invitations. You can send out the emails, and follow up with phone calls if you don’t have an exhaustive list of invitees. If any contribution is required by the guests, be sure to add this politely in the invite; also specify how much.
  • Plan the itinerary: Create an itinerary for the entire night or weekend, complete with timelines. Are you starting out with dinner before the main festivities? Will there be a pub crawl? What are the locations you will be stopping at and when? Would the transportation be correctly scheduled for these times? Make all the necessary reservations to fall into this timeline and be sure to enquire if these locations have bachelorette freebies and drink specials. These could add fun to your night.
  • Make a shopping list: Especially if this event will be at home, you would need to get the decorations, food, drinks, games, music playlists, and more. You can divide most of these errands amongst the bridesmaids. Also think about sleeping arrangements, if necessary.

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One Week Before

It’s a week before the big day or weekend. This is the time to be done with most of the things on your checklist. And put all your plans in gear. Some of the things you should be doing by now include:

  • Collect money: If you haven’t already asked the bridesmaids for their contributions to the party, this would be the time to collect so you can all get things done. Since they would have been informed earlier, and this should be no surprise, it should be easy.
  • Accessories: Find and purchase whatever bachelorette party accessories might be needed. This could be a tiara, veil, candy, jewelry, funny decorations or treats.
  • Games: Create a list of the games for the event, write down the instructions in detail. If each person would need the list of instructions, you can print it out on decorated paper to keep on hand during the event. If there would be a scavenger hunt, then create the list of tasks that participants would have to complete.
  • Confirm transportation arrangements: This is important so you girls are not left stranded on the day of the event.
  • Also, confirm RSVPs: This is so you are double sure which of your guests will be attending, and so you can adjust your guest list if necessary.
  • Confirm any entertainment: Confirm entertainment and re-check your program if you might have to delete any entertainment or not.

One Day Before

It is one day before, and the bachelorette party is practically upon you. We hope this guide has been able to help pace you so far. Here is a list of things you should be up to a day before the festivities begin.

  • Debrief the bride: Tell her everything she needs to know, leave out anything that should be a surprise.
  • Call guests: Remind them of the location or locations, as well as the timings.
  • Reconfirm all reservations.
  • Sleep well, and rightly so.

If you have been wondering how to throw a bachelorette party, we hope that this well-detailed guide on how to plan a bachelorette party has been able to help. Certain things required when figuring out how to plan a party has been addressed. For instance, sometimes people wonder about the bachelorette start time or party date, amongst other details about bachelorette party planning.

If you follow the steps in this guide, personalized to your needs, then you should be able to have a great party, a happy bride, and the time of your lives.

How To Plan A Bachelorette Party During COVID

Bachelorette parties are always a great time, but the pandemic sure has complicated things. If you’re wondering how to plan a bachelorette party during covid, don’t fret. We have the expert tips to help you pull it off without worrying about everything else that’s going on in the world.

  • The first step is to set your guest list. Feel free to stick to standard advice by inviting strictly those who play a significant role in your life. However, costs are low and schedules are wide open. Go nuts and invite anyone who you feel will genuinely appreciate it. The choice is entirely up to you.
  • It’s wise to set up a website that centralizes all of your wedding details such as the time and date, a link to the online store where you are registered, and your virtual photo album. Make sure to include links to the app that you’ll be using as well as instructions on how to join the group. You can update the page with more information as it becomes available. Advise your guests to check in often to keep up to date with the latest information.
  • Plan the entertainment. Remember this is virtual, so do your best to provide everyone with instructions as far in advance as possible. Give them an itinerary, the dress code, recipes for meals that you’d like to share, and links to downloadable games that you plan to play. If you’ve assigned activity managers, emcees, or anyone else in charge of guiding guests, it’s always wise to schedule a dry run in advance. Leave a little time upfront to deal with any audio/visual issues that may arise, and make sure that everyone knows they’ll be recorded so that you can hang on to those precious memories.

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15 Of The Best Bridal Shower Games And Icebreakers Thu, 09 Jan 2020 00:25:59 +0000 Original content: 15 Of The Best Bridal Shower Games And Icebreakers

Bridal shower games are bridal shower activities that bring the guests together. As such, when thinking of things to do at a bridal shower, consider playing some bridal party games. […]

The post 15 Of The Best Bridal Shower Games And Icebreakers appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: 15 Of The Best Bridal Shower Games And Icebreakers

Bridal shower games are bridal shower activities that bring the guests together. As such, when thinking of things to do at a bridal shower, consider playing some bridal party games. There are so many fun bridal shower games that will make any bridal shower awesome.

But the best of them are the interactive bridal shower games that include every guest present.

This article aims to help bridal shower planners understand the rudiments of planning an unforgettable bridal shower party. Showers for a bridal wedding that will include games that are icebreakers, which will leave all guests excited and end up as friends.

However, some brides do not fancy the idea of having bridal shower games at their parties. They either do not like it or won’t give ample time for the shower. This article also contains bridal shower game alternatives that will bring on the fun even in the absence of games.

The bridal shower games are for real the icebreakers, causing everyone to come together as a team to win. In all these, it is important to remember that the bride is the center of the party. She makes the final decision for games played. Every game played also has to revolve around her. Team games are the best for bridal showers to avoid anyone feeling left out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I bring to a bridal shower?

What are some bridal shower game prize ideas?

What You Need To Know:

First, let’s calculate:

How Many Games Should Be Played At a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower should last for a maximum of 3 hours and in this time, the bride needs to open her gifts and everyone needs to socialize. The maximum number of games for a bridal shower should be three to four. This falls within 15-20 minutes.

What bridal shower would you like to have?

Anonymous quiz

  • cheerful
  • relaxed
  • active
  • glamorous

Vote to see results

What bridal shower would you like to have?

47.28 %
31.79 %
14.70 %
6.23 %
Voted : 755

What To Do At a Bridal Shower Besides Games?

There are bridal shower alternatives like writing down and saving in a jar favorite memories of you by the guests. How about watching a favorite show while you binge on some great food and wine? Raffle draws and prize giving? These are fun ways to have the best time even without games.

Also, guests can bring and present gifts to the future bride. Miss To Mrs subscription box is a great gift because it was specifically created for brides-to-be! It is tailored to match a bride’s wedding planning journey, to receive monthly gifts while helping prepare for the big day!

Now, knowing the number of games right for the shower, check a list of the best easy bridal shower games for you to choose from.

Printable Bridal Shower Games

He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

Click HERE to download the FREE template

How to play:
This could sail as one of the best bridal shower games ever. This involves the couple and guests, it’s an all-inclusive fun game. The planner will ask the celebrating couple a number of choice questions about themselves ahead of the bridal party. The couple will give answers and from these answers, the planner will create quotes, obscuring leads to who said what.
These quotes will be scrambled and filled in on game cards which are shared with guests. The guests will state on each quote which of the couple said what. The guest with the highest number of correct matches wins a prize. He said she said the bridal shower game is quick, easy, and fun.

What to prep: Game cards and markers/pens.

Easy Bridal Shower Games With Movie Quotes

Click HERE to download the FREE template

How to play:
For easy bridal shower games, this ranks top. Get a bulk of game cards that feature movie quotes. Share them to all guests present and ask them to fill out what movie a quote was viva voce. The guests with the highest number of correctly matched movie quotes win.
The best way to keep the tension up and everyone excited is to feature quotes from old movies/blasts from the past. Feature movies they watched a long time ago and let’s see what quotes stuck. It is fun as guests get to rack their brains with what movies they saw. They also reminisce on the beautiful movie.

What to prep: Game cards containing movie quotes.

Bridal Brunch Games With Bingo

Click HERE to download the FREE template

How to play: Having a work bridal shower or having a brunch affair? The bridal shower bingo game is one of the ideal office bridal shower games and bridal brunch games. They do not require many items or leaving the place messy.
Get a game card made of square boxes with a heart at the center and ask the guests to fill in each box, a gift item the bride will likely get. Once they are through, the bride will start opening her gifts. The guests will mark off on their cards all correct items gifted to the bride.
Once they are through, the guests will get heart stickers to match all items marked. The first sticker goes to the empty center and continues to all correct answers. The first guest whose right answers fall in consecutive rows around the center heart wins.

What to prep: cards with box patterns, markers, heart stickers.

Guess The Dress Game For DIY Bridal Shower

Click HERE to download the FREE template

How to play: This is a creative and hilarious DIY bridal shower game that includes everyone as a participant. This is a game to see who creates the dress or something close to the dress the bride will wear for her wedding.
Arm each guest with drawing paper, some glue, pencils, markers, glitters, stones, and tapes for creativity. Give them 10 minutes to get to work. Once the ten minutes lapses, ask them to stop and submit all drawings to the bride.
The bride as the judge will grade and pick the dress which looks close to what she will wear as the winner. Look out for funny and weird drawings. Small gifts for the winner and consolation prizes for runner-ups are encouraged.

What to prep: drawing paper, some glue, pencils, markers, glitters, stones, and tapes.

Love Songs Game For Household Shower Games

Click HERE to download the FREE template

How to play: For household shower games, you need no penny to pull them off with this game of love songs. This is a fun game that requires only your disc player, some pens and paper and excited guests.
Make a moderate list of the bride’s favorite love songs or some oldies. Do this right before the shower starts. Give all the guests each a piece of paper and a pen, then the host will play a line of a love song and each guest will write down the name of the singer. This should take all of ten minutes and whoever gets the most correct wins.
You can also do without the pens and paper by asking the guests to call the singer out as the line plays. The first to call wins that round.

What to prep: disc player, music collection, some pens and paper

Bridal Shower Question Game

Click HERE to download the FREE template

How to play: If you have no idea of any office bridal shower games, the bridal shower question game is a great one. This is a fun and interesting trivia game. The quest to see who knows the bride the most is here.
All the guests will get one card each, filled with questions about the bride. The questions may include her best color, the schools she attended, her best food, what she loves the most, her height, the color of her eyes, her middle name, and more.
Each guest will fill in the answer to each question while the bride will fill incorrect answers on her own card. At the end of the game, the host will match the bride’s answers to that of each guest and the person with the most correct answers wins.

What to prep: Questionnaire/trivia cards, markers/pens.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Games – Mad Libs

Click HERE to download the FREE template

How to play: Tea bridal showers are traditional and are often times intimate. Tea Party bridal shower games are decent and simple. Some may wonder what kind of games to play at a tea bridal shower party. The mad libs game is one way to have fun while at tea.
Get the host to write a story with blanks in the sentences, the couple’s love story for more effect. Give the cards to the guests and ask them to fill in the blanks with words that they think match each sentence best. After this, the host will read the story aloud and watch everyone dissolve into fits of laughter. The outcomes are often hilarious because the story most times ends up meaningless.

What to prep: Mad libs printable cards and pens.

Who Said It Bridal Shower Game

Click HERE to download the FREE template

How to play: Who said it bridal shower game is another game centered on how much the guests know the bride. It also exposes how long each guest has known the bride. The host will get the couple to tell their love story, each speaking from their own point of view.
The host will pick catchy phrases from what the couple said and print them out on game cards. Note that these phrases will be flat-out scrambled and all pointers to the authors removed.
Share the cards with guests and get them to mark the phrases that the guest of honor/bride made. The guest with the most correct marked phrases wins.
This is one of the most interactive bridal shower games. It leaves no one out.

What to prep: game cards and markers.

Classy Bridal Shower Games

Wedding Ring Toss Game For Bridal Shower

How to play:
Thinking of bridesmaid games for your bridal party? Have a ring game bridal shower for a change. This is an outdoor competitive game that all bridesmaids and guests alike can play together. Get a couple of bottles, which could be empty wine bottles and some rings. Copper, silver, gold, or aluminum metals will serve. The catch is that these metals should be lightweight but can roll nicely.
Split yourselves into opposing sides or single opponents and throw rings onto the bottles. To get it right, the rings should fall around the bottleneck. The side or person whose bottle (s) catches the most rings wins.

What to prep: Wine bottles and metal twines or rings.

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games-Toilet Paper Design

How to play:
Bridal shower games can’t get more hilarious than toilet paper design. The bride is the judge on this game. Divide the guests present into four or five groups, depending on how much they are. The bride picks a mode or not bride for each team. The model may also volunteer for the team. Each team is also supplied with the same texture of toilet paper and masking tapes.
A timer is set to regulate the game and once the bride says go, each team begins to create a gown on their model, using tissue paper and masking tape. At the stop sound, everyone stops, and the models move to the front to show off their gowns. The bride makes the decision and the most beautiful, creative, or durable gown gets a price. This is one of the most hilarious bridal shower games ever.

What to prep: Loads of tissue paper and masking tapes.

Drawing Bridal Party Games

How to play:
This pictorial game stands out as one of the best fun bridal shower games. Split the guests into two groups, each with a board, marker, jar filled with quotes, and slips of drawing paper. Each group takes a turn to pick a paper with a quote from the jar.
The quotes include stuff like “grand entrance into the church”, “couple dance”, “bride throwing the bouquet”, “groom unveiling the bride” etc. A person from the team will sketch the quote on the board and the opposite team will guess what the sketch is.
The team with the most correct answers to sketches win.

What to prep: Markers, jar, slips of paper, and a board with easel.

Memories and Advice Bridesmaid Games

How to play: This is one of the bridesmaid games that is fast, easy, fun, and suits any bridal shower theme. Get each of the bridesmaids to take pictures with the bride. Print out these pictures and fix them into a photo book. Get each of these bridesmaids to write their best or favorite memories they have of or with the bride.
Ask them to also include one or two pieces of advice for the bride as they know her best. Fix these memories and pieces of advice close to each picture in the photo book.
To carry everyone along, ask the guests to the photo booth to take pictures with the bride too. Tell them to write down their favorite memories of the bride and pieces of advice. Add them to the album, and present them to the bride.

What to prep: photo booth, markers, cards, photo album.

Lingerie Bridal Shower Games

How to play: A beautiful game focused on the bride is the lingerie bridal shower games. Get each guest through the party invite to come along with a lingerie gift. Note that each gift must match the personality of the guest bearing it. Take the bride out of the room and hand the lingerie around it.
Scramble the lingerie so that the bride does not guess even that of her best friend. Bring the bride back into the room and tell her to match each lingerie to the right guest. Have the guests call “it’s mine” at anyone she touches, to confuse her a bit. Let the bride match as much lingerie as possible to the right guest.
The highlight is that the bride gets to go home with all the lingerie used for the game. Imagine a wardrobe filled with varieties of sophisticated lingerie. Our bride is honeymoon set, ready to wow Mr. Groom.

What to prep: Different kinds of sophisticated lingerie.

What’s In The Bag Memory Game

How to play: Fill a bag with possible choice items of the bride. These will include items the bride cannot do without and is likely to always carry around. These items may also be things that the bride will likely take along for her honeymoon.
Bring out all the items one by one and have the guests look at and memorize them. Set a time and give each guest an answer card and pencils. Shout start, and have them write every content of the bag they can remember. Shout pens up, in five or ten minutes. The guest with the most correct number of items wins.
This is a fun game for everyone present. The rush in trying to remember the bag contents and putting them down is a sight to behold. Share candies or key rings with winners.

What to prep: cards, pencils, random items.

Couple Bridal Shower Games – Doubles Jenga

How to play: Couple bridal shower games couldn’t get better than the doubles Jenga game. It is fun and considers teamwork. It also helps you put on your thinking cap to remove the correct blocks. This game is a challenge for couples.
Get all guests at the party to join in pairs, the best pair is a guy and a lady. Each couple will take turns to move a block from the lower tower level of the arranged tower and place them at the top of the tower. This act will make the tower taller as the game goes on.
Any couple at whose turn the tower falls loses out. The tower is rebuilt and the game continues with the winning couples. This goes on until we get the last couple standing.

What to prep: wooden blocks, a board/ flat surface, score card.

Bridal shower games are a great way to cut the ice amongst strangers at bridal showers and have fun. Simply attend bearing your gifts and prepare to have the time of your life and go home with prizes. This brings us to some questions which may be nagging at guests, brides, and hosts alike. Questions such as the ones below.

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20 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Games For 2023 Tue, 07 Jan 2020 02:00:54 +0000 Original content: 20 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Games For 2023

A bachelorette party is one of the most exciting nights in a woman’s life, and in order to pull off a successful and memorable one, there have to be a […]

The post 20 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Games For 2023 appeared first on Wedding Forward.

Original content: 20 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Games For 2023

A bachelorette party is one of the most exciting nights in a woman’s life, and in order to pull off a successful and memorable one, there have to be a few key elements. You have to have your best girlfriends, of course, that’s a given, and you have to have food and drinks that everyone will love and enjoy, but there are a couple of other things that you need as well.

No bachelorette party would be complete without a few dirty stories and embarrassing truths about an ex or even current boyfriends and husbands, a stripper may be a nice addition, if that is your interest, and of course, you need at least a couple of bachelorette party games to keep things moving along.

We have put together a list of 20 of the best bachelorette party board games, bachelorette party card games, and naughty games to play at a bachelorette party that will surely be the thing that makes this a night to remember for both the bride to be and her beloved companions.

We have divided the list into four categories and suggested a few in each one.

These categories are printable games, drinking games, classic fun games, and limo games.

With each game, we have listed what you need, how many players can be involved, how long it takes to play, and of course a basic rundown of the instructions.

If there are online resources that you need, you can find them with a basic Google or Bing search, as these games are very common.

Brides Often Ask

How long before the wedding is the bachelorette party?

Who is supposed to pay for a bachelorette party?

Do you have to bring a gift to a bachelorette party?

Printable Bachelorette Party Games

One of the best ways to get a few games arranged for your bachelorette party is to use printable bachelorette party games. These games have been around in some form since the late 70s to early 80s, but these days they are a lot more accessible due to the internet. You don’t need much to play, just download the template and have them printed on nice paper at your local print shop, or if you have a printer at home, you can do it yourself.

Games such as scavenger hunt, bingo, scramble, and balderdash in fun bridal-related forms can be exciting, and with a little creativity, dare we say a little daring as well! Steal our list of what to prep, or feel free to switch it up to fit the tone of the gathering.

Your perfect bachelorette party?

Anonymous quiz

  • spa day
  • one-day trip somewhere
  • yacht trip
  • restaurant party
  • home reception

Vote to see results

Your perfect bachelorette party?

spa day
14.75 %
one-day trip somewhere
23.04 %
yacht trip
11.08 %
restaurant party
16.33 %
home reception
34.81 %
Voted : 1580

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt (free templates)

Number of players: 3-10+ (large groups can be divided into smaller teams to compete against each other).

Time needed: from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the number of tasks and any dares that may be included in the game along the way

The gist:

This is a classic favorite for bachelorette parties. The group is divided into two or more teams and each team is given a list of things to find, chores to accomplish or dares to undertake in lieu of doing the things on the challenge list. Short videos or pictures are taken as proof of the thing being accomplished or the dare being completed.

When everyone gathers again at the end of the game the pictures and videos are shared, usually on a large screen device so everyone can see, and everyone has a good time laughing about the adventures that occurred along the way. If you want this game can actually be expanded to take up the entire night with everyone meeting several hours later for drinks and food at a popular bar or club to cap things off. You can also make this activity R-rated if you like, or keep it clean for old-fashioned fun.

What to prep:

  • List of challenges for every group or player.
  • Camera to record their progress, or make sure at least one person in each group has a smartphone with a camera.
  • Some cheap countdown timers, one for each group, so everyone can keep track of the game’s progress
  • A chat app such as Skype or Facetime installed so everyone can keep in touch over the course of the game to share updates and fun moments.

How to play:

Step 1. Divide the group into teams and hand them a list of challenges.

You need to prepare a list of challenges for every group or player, depending on the number of guests. You may include different tasks like finding a random couple who has been together for at least 40 years, you might get a stranger to perform their idea of the perfect song for the bride’s first dance, etc. When coming up with tasks use your imagination and get creative. Remember this is all about having a fun time and being daring.

Step 2. Make sure everyone has cameras to record their progress and timers to check the time left. Encourage them to collect their pieces of evidence, be it photos, videos, or actual items in a creative and fun way.

Step 3. Set a time and place where the teams will meet after the game is over. For an extra fun, challenge make getting to the meetup location at a certain time the last task on the list, or the team forfeits.

Step 4. The team that completes more tasks wins. Groups that do not complete their list within the allotted time have to buy rounds of drinks for the whole group of party attendees.

There are 3 variations of a bachelorette scavenger hunt fun party games: a photo hunt, an outdoor hunt, and a scramble hunt. Choose your favorite!

Photo Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt (clean)

This outdoor bridal shower game is best played in rural locations, especially in the woods. As this is an outdoor game for everyone, include only clean bachelorette party ideas. A found item is one point and the person or group with the highest points wins.

This game lasts 30-60 minutes. After the timer runs out everyone gathers back at the meeting place (i.e. picnic area, campfire, barn, etc.) to share their evidence and swap stories while enjoying refreshments.

Bridal Scramble Scavenger Hunt (clean)

This is an indoor clean bridal version of popular scramble games – it combines word-forming and the scavenger hunt!

Using the phrase “bridal shower scavenger hunt,” fill the list with new words created out of them. For any new word formed, the item must be found. i.e., from the word “vase” then you find and bring a vase.

Bachelorette Balderdash (R-rated)

Number of players: 3-10+

Time needed: 20-30 minutes

The gist:

This classic question and answer game is perfect for bachelorette parties. The best part is that this R-rated game can be played with any number of players and can be stretched out to fill an entire evening if you desire. Questions can be about the bride, the groom, the guests, and their private lives, or anything else that you can think of.

What to prep:

  • Bridal balderdash questions. You can come up with these and have them printed on nice bridal themed paper at a local print shop. If you decide to play teams instead of individuals have different questions for each team to keep things interesting, or as an alternative have the questions printed on bridal invitations, thank you note cards, cards printed with the couples favorite dating photos from their social media accounts, or even postcards from where the couple is going for their honeymoon and put in a big basket to be selected at random.
  • Cards to write answers on, pens or pencils for every player. It’s fun to have the same themed cards for answers as you used for the questions.
  • Glass bowl or a hat to put the answers into.
  • A poster board with sticky stars or bridal themed stickers to take score, making a separate place for each player.
  • Strong alcoholic beverages (this is, of course, optional, but it makes the game a bit more interesting to be sure).

How to play:

Step 1. The moderator reads a question selected at random from the basket. Everybody writes their answers on a card and puts them into the fishbowl, making sure they put their name on their card. The Bride does not answer, she is the control for the questions.

Step 2. All the papers are collected and put in a bowl, after which the bride gives the correct answer to the question.

Step 3. The person with the most correct answers wins and gets a prize. The person with the least correct or silliest answers drinks shots of tequila from every guest present. If you got the groom’s answers to the same questions beforehand (which is a fun variation) you might add extra points for the guest who guessed the groom’s answers right.

Bachelorette Questions (clean)

Number of players: 2

Time needed: 20-30 minutes to answer the questions (the groom answers in advance and kept from the bride)

The gist:

Bachelorette questions is a clean indoor drinking game for the bride. If you’ve seen the TV show called Mr. and Mrs. or the Newlywed Game, you probably would know what it is all about. The happy couple has to answer questions about each other to prove they know everything about each other.

As this bridal shower game is centered on how well the bride and the groom know each other, only two players needed: the bride and the groom themselves. This is the only game that doesn’t require the previous discussions with the bride, as it will spoil the surprise for her.

What to prep:

  • Prepare the questions.
  • Get two copies of the questionnaire: one for the groom and one for the bride. (as a variation you can also have the guests answer questions as they would form their own spouses or partners. If you can get those husbands or boyfriends to also answer ahead of time it adds even more fun. Divide the group into two teams and have them get a point based on the decision of the bride as to which team’s answers were best after she has answered for herself)

How to play:

Step 1. The questionnaire is given to the groom well before the bachelorette party to answer all the questions.

Step 2. Ask him to keep this information a secret from the bride. It is important not to spoil the surprise!

Step 3. Each correct answer will get her one point, and each wrong answer will cost her a pint of beer.

Be careful with this drinking game! After all, it is the bride getting drunk! Also, try to avoid very personal questions, as the questions or the answers might make the bride feel bad or insulted.

Bachelorette Naughty Mind Word Scramble (R-rated)

Number of players: 4-12+

Time needed: 20-30 minutes

The gist:

Scramble games don’t require careful preparations, and they can be clean or R-rated, depending on the group. We offer to liven things up with an R-rated version. The naughty mind version of the bachelorette scramble is among the most popular R-rated bachelorette party games ideas. This is a printable naughty mind game with suggestive provocative phrases. All you need to do is complete the puzzles and unscramble the answers!

What to prep:

  • Cards containing naughty puzzle-like questions with scrambled words.
  • Paper to write down all the answers.
  • A pen to mark their choices.

How to play:

Step 1. The players should re-arrange the scrambled words. If the card has the answers at the bottom it is very important not to look at them while the guests are still answering.

Step 2. Set the timer and make them mark their choices.

Step 3. After target time expires, allow everyone to scroll to the bottom of the card and compare the correct answers with yours. The person with the most correct answers wins. Bonus points are given for words, especially naughty ones, that are discovered that are not part of the official answer list.

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Free Printable Bachelorette Bingo

Number of players: 4-12+

Time needed: 30-50 minutes

The gist:

This game is played like the normal Bingo, but you replace the word “Bingo” with the word “Bride”. Players only need to complete a single horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line to win the game.

Each square contains fun facts about the bride and groom. Some of them are common, some are risque, and some are flat out r-rated. The host shouts the numbers or facts until a player wins. For extra fun, the bride can explain a little about the fact or statement.

What to prep:

  • Bingo cards.
  • Print a second set of facts on fun cards for the host to draw from a basket or large bag and read out loud as the game moves along.
  • Ornamental markers, stamps, stickers.

How to play:

Step 1. Give a card to each and every guest.

Making the cards is ridiculously simple, just print out the free templates! Once printed, randomly fill in the squares with numbers of the questions or facts of your choosing. For this game, it might be better to print out the template on large format stock such as half sheets of poster board, or 11×14 cardstock.

Step 2. Start calling out the questions.

As long as you get the questions right, your whole party will have a great time with this game. Inside jokes and the questions about the bride and the groom make it more personal. Either way, It gets your guests talking, and who doesn’t love to scream “Bingo!”? (For more ideas of bridal-related bingo check out our Bridal Shower Bingo)

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Drinking Bachelorette Party Games

Drinking games are a popular favorite for bachelor and bachelorette parties. They do not require a lot of preparation, but they do require plenty of beverages. One important thing to keep in mind is to have a few “mock-tails” or non-alcoholic cocktail alternatives ready for those who choose not to imbibe or who may be in recovery. We have included a few classics here as well as a couple of newer games. Drinking games are a must-have for your bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Lie Detector

Number of players: two at once

Time needed: 30-40 minutes (depends on the number of questions)

The gist:

Like a real lie detector test, this indoor game dares a bachelorette to answer rather private and embarrassing questions about herself, or more commonly, about the groom. The game can have multiple levels of difficulty, depending on how well the players know each other.

The bachelorette’s opponent uses her intuition to figure out which of the answers is the truth. Depending on the participants, the game can be clean but is usually R-rated.

What to prep:

  • The rules of the game are such, that it doesn’t require any specific preparation, but it is better to have some questions prepared in advance before the game begins.
  • One of the preparation points would be making sure that everyone has enough alcohol available and shot glasses.

How to play:

Step 1. Two bachelorette party guests step forward to face each other, one on either side of the “lie line”. Their task is to ask each other daring questions and guess if their opponent’s answers were the truth or lies.

Step 2. The person who asked the questions, later confirms the answer – whether the guess was right or wrong.

Step 3. The one who guesses wrong must drink from the bottle of alcohol. The person with the most points wins. You can also have the group divided up into teams, and when the team member guesses wrong the entire team has to take a shot.

Guess Who?

Number of players: 3-10+

Time needed: 30 minutes

The gist:

As with other ‘drink if’ bachelorette party games, ‘Guess who’ helps the guests to know each other better. In fact, this one game works better if the guests are not that well acquainted. The game itself can be either clean or R-rated, depending on the questions. It also involves alcohol, makes sure that there are some mock-tail options and soft drinks for those who choose to not imbibe.

What to prep:

  • Pieces of paper to write the secrets on.
  • Pens for writing, fun bridal themed pens are great for these types of gatherings and ad more novelty to the games.
  • Small bowl to put the secrets in.
  • Several bottles of spirits as well as some non-alcoholic beverages or mock-tails.

How to play:

Step 1. Each guest writes a secret of herself on a piece of paper. The secret can be about anything at all – it doesn’t necessarily have to be something very personal, but the more risque and personal the better and the more fun everyone has in the sharing.

Step 2. When all the secrets for this round are written down, the players drop them all in a decorative bowl, a punch bowl or bridal decorated game bowl works great. If you do not have a glass bowl, a fancy hat or a decorated paper bag will do.

Step 3. Everyone then takes one secret out of the bowl and reads it out loud before taking a guess as to who wrote it.

Step 4. If a guest gets the writer right, the writer takes a shot of alcohol. If the guest gets it wrong, she takes a shot.

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Never Have I Ever

Number of players: 4-8+

Time needed: 40 minutes

The gist:

This is the bachelorette version of the popular and well-known game often played at a fancy dress or costume parties, and family holiday gatherings. This is the drinking version of the game where everyone starts with a drink of their choice in front of them. The first person to start says: ‘Never have I ever’ – and continues the phrase with something that she hasn’t done in her life. It can be virtually anything. Anyone who has done what was stated must take a sip of her drink. (And she may be asked to relay her story!)

What to prep:

  • Alcohol.
  • Prepared phrases for the beginning of the game. After the first few, the game kind of takes on a life of its own, so you won’t need more than say five or six starter phrases.

How to play:

Step 1. Let the bride be the first to start the game off. She will begin by saying “Never have I ever…” and follow it up with something that she has never done. For example, she could say “Never have I ever been streaking”.

Step 2. The person to the right of the bride will go next.

Step 3. The game continues until everyone has had three turns.

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Drunk Jenga

Number of players: 2+

Time needed: 1 hour+

The gist:

You write command on the side of a Jenga piece nobody can see, when the player pulls a block she has to do whatever it says. If you are the last player who makes the tower fall, you have to drink the leftover beverages of everyone at the table all poured together.

What to prep:

  • A Jenga game. Buy a new one as this is going to be a gift to the bride to put in her memory chest after the party.
  • Lots of alcohol.
  • Permanent markers to write on Jenga pieces.

How to play:

Step 1. All players take a few Jenga pieces and write a command, dare, or request for a secret on the bottom of the piece, for example, kiss the person to your left’, ‘sing a song by Ed Sheeran’, ‘take a shot with the person on your right’, etc.

Step 2. Then the guests build a Jenga tower. When someone pulls a block, they have to do whatever it says.

Step 3. The last player who makes the tower fall has to finish all of the drinks of the people at the table, poured together in one gulp.

Beer Pong

Number of players: 4 (two teams of two).

Time needed: 1 hour+.

The gist:

The idea is to throw the ball into the beer cup. If you aim really well and the ping pong ball ends up in a cup, your opponent is to drink the content of the cup.

The game has a lot of versions, so make sure you discuss all the rules before you start playing. The main points for discussion are: elbows on the table does the ball that bounced off the table count and so on.

What to prep:

  • Plastic cups (typically 18oz or 16oz).
  • Beer.
  • Ping pong balls.
  • Ping pong table (or a similar one).
  • Paper towels.

How to play:

Step 1. You need to arrange ten plastic cups in a pyramid-like formation on each side of a ping pong table.

Step 2. Fill each cup with the desired amount of beer (it is possible to use other alcohol or other liquid of your choice, but the traditional version involves beer). Traditionally it takes two 12oz beers to fill all ten cups, but this amount can vary depending on how much you’d like to drink.

Step 3. Teams take a turn in throwing a table tennis ball into the other teams’ cups. Once a ball hits a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponents drink the contents of the cup. If a ball hits the table and then goes into a cup (even by accident), the cup that the ball goes into is removed, as well as another cup of the defending player’s choice.

Step 4. The team that successfully hits all of the opponent’s cups wins the game.

Fun Games For Bachelorette

Fun bachelorette party games are intended to bring together groups of old friends and new ones to build connections and create shared memories. The ones that we have chosen are designed to provide hours of fun and surely some interesting moments. These games include Guess the Kisses, Cold Feet, Bra-pong, and several adult-only games.

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Guess The Kisses

Number of players: 3-12+

Time needed: 30 minutes approximately

The gist:

In general, this is a simple and romantic game, that helps to create a beautiful and unique souvenir for the bride. This is a clean game for any number of players, which everyone can enjoy. Also, it requires almost no preparation and is perfect for an indoor location. All the guests leave lipstick marks on a big piece of white poster board, and the bride is to guess whose kiss it is. The game has a follow-up when every guest writes a wish under her lipstick mark. If you can arrange it having the groom leave his own kiss before the event in a predetermined lipstick that you can point out later makes this keepsake a truly treasured item.

What to prep:

  • A piece of white canvas or cardboard.
  • Pens or color markers (felt-tip pens) for everyone.
  •  Lipsticks

How to play:

Step 1. Distract the bride and get the guests to plant kisses on a canvas or cardboard.

Step 2. Ask the bride to match each kiss to the right person. Since each person has a unique lipstick color, then it’s easy to determine when she is right.

Step 3. Once the right guest is matched, the guest signs on the kiss.

Step 4. Write a wedding wish for the newlyweds or some warm words for the couple.

Step 5. After the bachelorette party, the bride can frame the canvas or cardboard and hang or keep it preserved as a guest book.

Cold Feet

Number of players: 4-6+

Time needed: 20 minutes

The gist:

The idea is to stand in a washtub of ice-cold water, fishing out various small wedding-themed objects with your feet/toes. This clean game is best for the outdoors on a hot summer day. There is no limit as to the number of players, but it is best for a smaller group. You can alternatively use a toddler’s wading pool if you lie, they can be found in a wide variety of colors and themes so you may be able to find one that fits your wedding/bachelorette/bridal shower theme.

What to prep:

  • Pool or washtub filled with icy water.
  • Ice (as the time goes, the iced water is going to warm up a bit, so don’t forget to have some more ice on hand to make sure every participant has the same condition).
  • Various small items (rings, coins, pencils and other objects that you can fish out, using your feet/toes only).
  • Hand Towels.

How to play:

Step 1. Prepare the tub/pool of water and ice

Step 2. Drop in the items and spread them around well.

Step 3. Each guest gets to dip her feet/toes in the water to pick out an item as fast as possible. Set a time limit. Have a poster with a duplicate of each item glued to it, and set a number of points to each item based on difficulty. Keep track of the points for the end of the game

Step 4. Offer a clean, dry towel for everyone involved.

Bra-pong For Bachelorette Party

Number of players: 4-10

Time needed: about 60 minutes

The gist:

This is an insanely popular naughty lingerie shower game, similar to basketball. The idea is to throw the ball right into the bra on a corkboard or even stretched between two chair backs. Try to find a very large bra at a local thrift shop or even a department store. Each time you plant the ball into the cup you score one point. The player with the most points wins.

What to prep:

  • Bra.
  • 10 ping balls or even racket/tennis/or handballs.
  • A corkboard or two chair backs and some pins to fix the bra in place.
  • Pen and a paper to keep the score.

How to play:

Step 1. Attach the bra to either the corkboard or between the back of two chairs.

Step 2. Distribute the balls to the guests, and have them take turns throwing the balls into the bra aiming to have it land in the cups.

Step 3. Set a time limit for each player and blow a whistle when the time is up.

Step 4. Set a time limit and blow a whistle after 30 mins.

Step 5. The guest with the highest number of balls wins some small prize. The guest who threw in the lowest number of balls has to tell a very personal secret about her husband/boyfriend that the bride gets to ask.

Suck – for – a – Buck (R-rated)

Number of players: from 3 to 10

Time needed: 30 minutes

The gist:

This bridal shower/bachelorette party game is as R-rated as it sounds. Well, actually the exact level of indecency can go from mild to wild, depending on your desire and imagination.

The game involves close contact with strangers, so brace yourselves for some serious adult fun. The task is to get a stranger to suck off the candies on a shirt for the price of a dollar.

What to prep:

  • A shirt for the bride, make sure that it is very tight and preferably white. If possible have the word BRIDE in large letters on the front and the date of the wedding on the back. Optionally, other shirts for the rest of the girls in the group.
  • Some thread and a needle.
  • A great amount of bite-size colorful lifesaver candies.

Sew them onto the shirts at home, placing candies strategically.

How to play:

Step 1. Before heading out for the wild night on the town have the bride put the shirt on. Make sure you stick the candies on some strategic and suggestive parts of the shirt. i.e. boobs, belly button, armpits, collar areas. You can also do this with the other members of the bridal party if you choose but the bride MUST participate.

Step 2. Every guest wearing the shirts (bride and bachelorettes) will go round the bar, asking random men to suck off the candies at the cost of a dollar.

Step 3. Set a time limit. 30 minutes is a good time to play.

Step 4. The one who has the least number of candies left wins. Another version of this game includes counting the money, and the winner is the girl who has made the most! They win a cheap prize and get to keep their money, the rest of the girls give their money to the bride to buy something sexy for her honeymoon night.

Blow Pop Bouquet (R-rated)

Number of players: 2+

Time needed: up to an hour

The gist:

This is a mild R-rated game that shy brides may find challenging, but with a little boldness, she’s good to go! This is also of the most difficult games in terms of preparation.

The game includes offering strangers a blow pop, which sounds a bit naughty. It will take at least two people to participate – the bride and her Maid of Honor or any other volunteers.

What to prep:

  • Two bouquets out of fifty to hundred blow pop for every 2 players.
  • Rubber bands (to hold them together).
  • Satin ribbons (to make the result look pretty).

How to play:

Step 1. Split the total number of blow pops into two or more equal parts depending on how many are playing. Arrange them into bouquets and hold each bouquet of blow pops together with rubber bands.

Step 2. Cover the rubber band area with satin ribbons.

Step 3. Ask the bride and her best girl to take the bouquet to strangers and tell them “blow for dough”. The catchphrase is more of a teaser, actually, as the strangers get a blow pop in exchange for a dollar.

The rest of the game runs the same as the Suck-For-a-Buck game described above.

Bachelorette Limo Games

What can be better, than renting a limo for your bachelorette party? It is a great option, as it not only ensures that all guests travel in safety and style together between destinations, but also that you don’t have to worry about anyone driving home in an inebriated state. The limo ride itself is sure to be an awesome experience, but a few limo party games will make the ride even better! Here are several limo games to play that are perfect for your bachelorette party.

Finish The Sentence

Number of players: 2-12

Time needed: 30 min

The gist:

This fun party game is perfect for the players who know each other well and have 30 minutes of car ride ahead. The idea is simple and clean (or R-rated, depending on your imagination and your guests’ abilities to play word games): to finish the sentence in the most amusing way.

What to prep:

  • A list of sentences with gaps instead of some words, similar to mad-libs. The missing words can be located in any part of the sentence. The idea is to have as much fun as possible, so don’t be afraid to use phrases, that can be completed in more than one way.
  • Print the sentences on the cardstock.
  • Pencils or thin markers.
  • You may want to bring a few cheap clipboards to give people a stable surface to write on.

How to play:

Step 1. Players have to finish the sentences on these printable game cards with what they think the bride-to-be will say.

Step 2. Afterward, all the cards are collected and the Maid of Honor reads out the answers.

Step 3. Whoever matches the bride closest wins and gets her first drinks bought for her by the maid of honor.

Bachelorette Dare Cards

Number of players: 2-12

Time needed: 30 min

The gist:

If you are looking for a way to fire up the night, dare cards should definitely be on top of your list. As you can easily guess from the name, dare cards are all about the crazy things that girls might do at their bachelorette party night. It can be anything: kiss a stranger, take a selfie with a pop-star, whatever crazy ideas you might have! This is one time that the more risque, wild, and out of daily character the better. Apart from the ready-made dare cards, you might have several blank ones. The girl who doesn’t want to do the dare she has drawn might opt for truth, or to buy the bride the drink of the bride’s choice.

What to prep:

  1. Prepare a list of dares.
  2. Print the dares on the cardstock (at home or at a local print shop). Choose cardstock that is either in the theme of the party, or that is bridal related.
  3. Leave several pieces of cardstock blank – you can think of several dares as a group together.

How to play:

Step 1. Each player draws a card in turn and decides if she wants to do the dare or prefers to opt out and tell a secret that the bride decides on and asks.

Step 2. If the card is blank it means that the dare can be anything the bride decides it to be, made up right there on the spot in the spur of the moment. Blank cards cannot be opted out of.

Step 3. If the player chooses to tell the truth rather than do the dare, ask her any question you wanted an answer for. It could be something innocent, or something very private, in fact, the more private and embarrassing the better for everyone in the group to have fun with it.

Trivial Pursuit

Number of players: 2-12

Time needed: 30-40 minutes

The gist:

A fun but challenging guessing game that is perfect for a long limo ride. The idea is to answer the question, concerning the happy couple, within a time limit. The person who knows their best wins.

A bachelorette version of a famous TV show that tests who knows the bride and groom best amongst the guests. It is friendly to play but might include some insightful competition. This clean version is sweet and appropriate for any age.

What to prep:

  1. A list of questions about the couple.
  2. Pieces of paper for every guest.
  3. Pencil or a thin marker.
  4. Hard smooth surface to write on.

How to play:

Step 1. All guests sit on hot seats surrounding a table, or the surface that serves as a table in a limo with their pencils and paper in hand.

Step 2. The bride asks questions about herself, the fiancé, the day they met, pets, favorite stuff, and related subjects.

Step 3. The guests write their answers down on paper.

Step 4. When everyone is done, the bride reveals the correct answers. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Mad Libs

Number of players: 2-12

Time needed: 30-40 minutes

The gist:

The purpose of this game is to tell a story. Usually, the story takes up anything between a half or a whole sheet of paper. You might consider asking your girls to help tell the story of your honeymoon or the first night you and your husband to be spent alone together. The idea is to make this as wild and crazy of a story as possible to give everyone a good laugh. Give each of the guests a sheet with a different part of the story on it with blanks for them to fill in their ideas that fit the sentences.

What to prep:

  1. Make a basic story.  Choose the topic wisely, it should be wedding-themed, but at the same it there should be an option to make it much more personal.
  2. When your story is ready, remove some key adjectives, verbs, and nouns to leave some blanks.
  3. Print out the blank version and make sure you have enough pencils for everyone.

How to play:

Step 1. Distribute your mad lib sheets between your guests. Without having seen the whole story, and with only five minutes to fill out their sheet with the part of the story they have available to them, have the players insert their own words.

Step 2. Once all of the blanks have been filled read it out loud!

Guess The Toy

Number of players: 2-12

Time needed: 1 hour+

The gist:

This is a simple yet fun game for a bachelorette party and is a good ice breaker too. Each guest brings some kind of sex toy or a piece of sexy lingerie. All these objects are put into a bag. The bride-to-be starts the game. Everyone takes turns to feel one of the objects in the bag with her hand and try’s to guess what it can be without seeing it. In terms of the phallic sex toys, they should try to guess the length.

What to prep:

  1. The Maid of Honor will have to call every guest in advance and ask them to bring some kind of item from a sex shop. It might be a sex toy or a piece of lingerie.
  2. A large bag to put all these objects into. Make sure all the guests remove the price tags and unwrap the presents first.
  3. Some kind of shades or thick fabric to put over the bride’s eyes.

How to play:

Step 1. As soon as the guests arrive, go round to each guest and collect all the toys/lingerie and have them placed in a bag. The bride shouldn’t see what they brought or it will spoil all the fun! If you don’t have a bag a satin pillowcase will do.

Step 2. As soon as everyone had their drinks and snacks started, a bachelorette is asked to reach into the bag and pull out one item with her eyes closed.

Step 3. The bachelorette then shows the item to the guests before handing it to the bride to guess what it is (or the size of it in some cases) while blindfolded.

Final conclusions and recommendations

The bachelorette night needs some careful planning for all the best bachelorette party game ideas. Don’t forget to ask the bride what kind of games she wants. It would be a pity to include bachelorette party ideas bride hates.

Planning a great bachelorette party means picking the right bachelorette party games and other activities that will make the night exciting, fun, and memorable. The key is to choose activities that will bring people together, and not make anyone overly uncomfortable. Make sure that you consult the bride on the games and activities that you are interested in doing. You don’t have to spoil the surprise by letting her in on all the details, but just give her a chance to throw in some feedback on some of your potential ideas in case there is something that she does not like at all. It is her night after all. Let’s also look at a few common questions regarding bachelorette parties.

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