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Grove AC Voltage Sensor is perfect for measuring RMS AC voltages for accurate DIY energy meters. It has adjustable gain for different voltage inputs(120V-240V AC) and it supports a 5 - 3.3v DC power supply


  • High adaptability: It has gained for different voltage inputs (120V-240V AC)
  • High compatibility: Using Analog as output, it can be compatible with many different development boards
  • Accurately measure the voltage changes generated by high power loads when they are turned on
  • Powerful IC: Equipped with MCP6002 core with Analog output
  • Easy to Use: Just sample plug and play which allows you to easily add wireless capabilities.

Here we are introducing this AC voltage sensor and its story! Christopher Mendez is a Dominican Electronics Engineer, since his beginnings, he has applied his skills to developing IoT solutions, smart homes devices, energy metering, and more, he considers that electrical energy is crucial in our lives, and it is very important to know how we use it in order to be aware of how to do it prudently. This is why he decided to create this Grove compatible Voltage Sensor, to approach people in the energy metering field.

The AC Voltage Sensor has been licensed to Seeed to manufacture and sell. Christopher Mendez will provide the tech support and Seeed will fulfill the order with hardware quality guaranteed. If you are interested in Seeed Licensed Products Program, pls click here to find out more.

If you need tech support you can contact Christopher with email [email protected]


Smart home has been long regarded as eco-friendly and energy-efficient by applying IoT technology. A simple energy efficiency definition is using less energy or fewer resources to complete the same task (UN’s Sustainable Goal 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production). You might be still wondering why you need an RMS AC voltage sensor for smart and sustainable home applications. The RMS AC voltage sensor allows you to monitor different voltage inputs and visualize the current-voltage status of your appliances.

For example, you can reduce power consumption by adjusting the voltage of a high-voltage appliance at home. Since we don't know what the threshold of the right voltage is, an RMS AC voltage sensor which helps you visualize the current-voltage status of the appliance.

This Grove Voltage Sensor is perfect for measuring RMS AC voltages for accurate DIY energy meters. It features adjustable gain for different voltage inputs (120V-240V AC), the fact that this sensor output is analog lets you integrate it with many different development boards, letting you decide on the sampling frequency, and ADC resolution without limitations. It’s accurate enough to measure the variations in voltage that high-power loads generate when they are turned on, making it a great choice for creating smart energy meters.




Input Voltage


Output type


Module IC



  • AC Voltage Meter.
  • Smart Energy Monitoring.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Loads Identification.
  • Home automation.
  • IoT projects.

Hardware Overview

Parts List

Grove Voltage Sensor



HSCODE 9030899090
USHSCODE 8473301140
EUHSCODE 8473302000




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